Key benefits

  • North America’s tallest articulated aerial platform ,working height of 230 ft (~20 stories)
  • Spacious rescue cage with 1000lbs safe working load
  • Articulation provides superior up-and-over capability and below-ground reach
  • Compact design on a commercial chassis, flexible to maneuver
  • Integrated, corrosion resistant telescopic waterway with 1000GPM capacity
  • Fast and safe operations with user friendly Bronto+ control system
  • Customizable to customers needs

Various options, e.g.:

  • Breathing air, electricity and hydraulics in the cage
  • Remote control for boom movements and water monitor
  • Emergency back-up system
  • Detachable winches
  • Stretcher carrier, wheelchair access
  • High voltage detector
  • Ultrasonic collision guard
  • Various working lights and camera options
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Bronto Loadman to measure ground bearing
  • Modern service tools and a wide service network


230 ft
105 ft
1000 lbs
34 ft
1000 GPM
*depending on chassis

Technical data and illustrations subject to change without notice.

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