Insights & Data

Insights & Data is the portal to your fleet information, aerial platform data, and the Bronto Skylift solution center. Collect and analyze your most valuable aerial platform data in real-time – and get all the latest manuals, service bulletins and news about your Brontos.

Key features:

  • Track & manage your Bronto platforms and depots with a range of real-time data including uptime, daily use, work cycles, and much more.
  • Maintain the full lifecycle history and digital service logbook of your Bronto platforms, for long-term streamlining of total cost.
  • Create preventive maintenance programs for your Bronto platforms, so you can easily keep your aerials running in top condition.
  • Optimize maintenance even further by sharing your Bronto data with your preferred service providers.
  • Get access to the Bronto Skylift solution center, making it easy to request service, support and training directly to Bronto Skylift.
  • Unlock remote access to your Bronto aerial platforms, so your operators or technicians can get help from a Bronto Skylift expert whenever they need it.

Insights & Data puts fleet management at your fingertips, reducing management workload so your whole organization can focus on providing the best aerial platform service possible.

Remote Access Maintenance agreement

Changes to mobile networks can disrupt your Bronto’s remote service technology. But with the Remote Access Maintenance Agreement, you don’t have to worry. It ensures our service and support teams always have an access to your Bronto.

Under this agreement, your update components will come directly to you, complete with a comprehensive instruction manual and automatic software updates. You’ll always get the latest hardware and software you need to stay ahead of the ongoing advancements in mobile networks, like 5G, so your aerial platform operators and service technicians can rely on our remote service.

Bronto Duties

Planning out your operation is a critical step in increasing your fleet’s efficiency and optimizing workflows in complex access scenarios, from high-rise buildings in urban centres to the tallest wind turbines. In fire and rescue situations, it can even save lives.

Bronto Duties allows you to create 3D and 2D visualizations of your platforms and the structures on your worksite. Create and arrange buildings, wind turbines, or antenna masts to match your worksites. You can also custom-build more complex structures from scratch, or based on Google Maps.

Then, get precise 3D visualizations of outreach with the selected outrigger position and cage load, and adjust boom positions to simulate outreach to get a clear picture of your aerial’s capabilities in any scenario.

Your worksite plans can be saved locally on your device, stored in the cloud with Bronto One, or printed for quick reference by your operators.

Precise pre-planning through Bronto Duties streamlines the entire operation for your most important worksites – from arrival on-site to a job well done.

Bronto Duties is a monthly licence, and equipment models are purchased separately.

Worksite Management

Includes the Bronto One Duties basic license

Worksite information is one of the most valuable data assets owned by your company.

Bronto One’s Worksite Management module is the place to safely store all of it in a single location. This includes pre-plans, site surveys, contacts, photos, agreements, and more.

Worksite Management makes it easy to access this critical data at all levels in your organization. This includes operators that are already working on site. Worksite Management puts all the documentation they need into their pocket, so they can view, modify or add documentation directly from where they’re working.

Worksite Management integrates worksite information into your existing workflows – so instead of making calls or sending emails to track down critical information, your personnel can channel their time and energy into providing the best possible service on site.

Bronto One Worksite Management includes all currently released BIM models (S47XR, S56XR and S70XR) for free.

Worksite Management requires the Insights & Data module.

Extended Fleet Management

Quite often the fleets include many types and brands of equipment and having only one brand units in your system is like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces. Take your fleet beyond Brontos with Extended Fleet Management, which lets you add all your vehicles and units into your Bronto One asset management system – regardless of brand.

Easily add vehicles from all your depots and service locations, and share this information with your preferred service providers so service technicians always have them on hand. This will streamline your service programs and access to digital service logbooks and manuals, making them all accessible in one easy location.

When everyone can get the information they need about your vehicles and equipment, data visibility, service and uptime across all your aerials, vehicles and equipment will improve throughout your organization.

Extended Fleet requires the Insights & Data module.


How to get started?

  1. Let’s meet to discuss your needs
  2. We’ll suggest a tailored, modular Bronto One package for you
  3. Together, we’ll determine which Bronto One agreement is right for you
  4. We’ll help you get started
  5. We suggest regular reviews to ensure your Bronto One package is aligned with your needs

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