Lifecycle services for your aerial platform

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. Our lifecycle services ensure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible shape for years and decades to come. Taking advantage of our service offering will help you maximise the value of your investment by ensuring best possible uptime and optimal performance, maintaining resale value, and – above all – keeping your operators and personnel safe.

Total lifetime support

Lifetime support begins when your first Bronto is delivered, starting with detailed handover training for your future operators and service personnel. Throughout the lifecycle of your Bronto, you will have access to our digital services, technical support teams, spare parts, upgrades and maintenance.

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Comprehensive lifetime services for your Bronto aerial platform

Service agreements

Our service agreements bring benefits to fire stations of all sizes. Each agreement level includes the services of all previous levels, so you can easily choose the level that’s right for you.

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Operational skills and confidence from day one


We offer various training courses for operators and service personnel alike. When training concludes, your staff will have the tools and knowledge they need to operate and troubleshoot your Bronto aerial platform in all situations. Get an edge on operational success and book your training today – because your aerial is nothing without skilled hands on the controls.

We offer in-person, online, or hybrid trainings tailored to the needs of your team.

Operator trainings Technical trainings

Bronto Care

Bronto Care offers digital solutions for full fleet management and remote service. You have complete access to your aerial’s operational data, service cycles and much more, and a nearly instant connection between our remote support team and your aerials.

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Bronto Care digital solutions for fleet management and remote service

Spare parts

We deliver genuine spare parts for your Bronto Skylift aerial platform throughout it’s lifecycle. Our fast and reliable spare parts service includes our own engineering parts, customised Bronto OEM parts and various consumables, to name but a few.

We also offer reconditioned parts which are  used components from decommissioned aerials and an environmentally friendly way to acquire fully functional OEM parts. Our  high quality spare parts always fit perfectly and ensure the aerial can continue to serve you.

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Maintenance, repairs and upgrades

Bronto platforms are designed and manufactured to serve you for decades.  Scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment operating as it was designed.

When your needs or requirements change during the long lifespan of the aerial, we can bring your Bronto to the next level with upgrades, overhauls and chassis replacements.

Global service network

Service is an essential part of a trouble-free daily work. At Bronto Skylift, we pride ourselves with the most comprehensive service network in the industry. Wherever you work, you can count on having an authorized Bronto Skylift service partner near you.

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