Maintenance and Repairs of Bronto Platforms

You can take the best possible care of your Bronto platform by following the periodic service schedule in the platform’s manual. Maintenance should always be carried out in keeping with local legislation. Scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment operating as it was designed. After each maintenance, you’ll get a full report and recommendations. Inspections are carried out in line with national laws and insurance claim inspections or repairs. We can also conduct custom inspections for electronic or mechanical issues.

Local repairs – globally

If local service or repair is needed, dozens of service representatives in a number of countries are available to provide in-person service.

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High quality OEM parts for aerial platform safety

Service Agreements for Your Bronto Equipment

You will always have access to any of our services on a needs basis, but choosing one of our service agreements will ensure that the performance of your Bronto aerial platform is never compromised. It will also mean less fluctuation in your yearly costs. Each service level includes the benefits of all previous levels.

Bronze – on-demand services

The Bronze level is totally free and offers easy access to manuals, service bulletins and your unit is equipped with readiness for remote services. ​

When your Bronto is equipped with remote service readiness, we can help you diagnose and resolve issues on the spot with a flexible and versatile remote diagnostic system, Bronto Compass. Our global service network and Technical Support team are ready to help you on on-demand basis when you need us most.​

When needed, we’ll help you find the correct spare parts. Most spare parts can be supplied all over the world within days.

Bronto Skylift service agreements
Bronto Skylift service agreements

Silver – yearly maintenance

In addition to remote service readiness, the Silver service level covers the standard yearly maintenance at your location, including our travel expenses.​

With regular maintenance, the Silver service level brings certainty and predictability to your yearly service costs and the operation of your Bronto aerial platform. Like at the Bronze level, our remote service is available on on-demand basis.​

Get yearly maintenance and support on your schedule and you’ll know your aerial platform will work as intended – with maximum uptime.​

Gold – yearly maintenance, repairs and remote support

The Gold level includes yearly maintenance as well as additional repairs*. After all, your aerial platform is a long-term investment designed for heavy use, and normal wear & tear will occur over the years. The Gold level is made for fire stations and companies with their eyes on the horizon.​

At this level you will also enjoy the benefit of totally free remote support from our Technical Support team through Bronto Compass whenever and wherever you need it. You will also get a 3-day tailored online training course every year to keep your crew’s skills up to date.​

The Gold level service agreement will keep your Bronto running throughout its lifetime, for safety above all.​

Bronto Skylift service agreements
Bronto Skylift service agreements

Platinum – yearly maintenance, repairs, remote support and mid-life refurbishment

Unparalleled access to our support team and maintenance services for optimal performance and maximum peace of mind. Includes a 25-year warranty, scheduled maintenance, and 250 additional hours of ad-hoc maintenance.

Enjoy easy remote diagnostics and technical support, yearly online training, yearly maintenance, repairs* and a mid-life, 10-year refurbishment.​

The Platinum level service agreement is a truly worry free solution for the decades to come. It guarantees maximal safety and performance from your Bronto aerial platform throughout its lifetime.

(*excl. personal negligence and incorrect operation according to warranty terms)​

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