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Brijbasi Fire Safety Systems Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer of firefighting in India. The company was established in 1970, in Mathura, near Delhi. Operating out of northern India, their success story began by offering foam firefighting systems for industrial clients and progressed to manufacturing firetrucks.

Over the past 50 years, the company has grown to employ 150 people and is run by the second generation of owners, Udit and Mohit Agrawal. Brijbasi works across all states in India, with a head office in Delhi and another large office in Mumbai. Their largest customer segment is municipal firefighting, which makes up around 75% of their business. They also work with the defense sector (airports) and across various industrial segments, including utilities, old power plants, the steel industry, and the oil and gas industry.

Eyes on India

Udit Agrawal, Director at Brijbasi, has a rooftop view of the firefighting industry in India. The country’s growing urbanization has changed the firefighting industry – as cities grow denser and higher, his challenges loom larger. He explains how fire safety has become one of the top priorities in a country with a great deal of old and unplanned construction and spiderwebs of narrow streets.

“In most buildings in India, the firefighting system does not work. Or, if the building is old, there’s no firefighting system at all. They rely on external firefighting. Only just recently have new buildings been constructed with proper planning,” Agrawal says.

The biggest municipal firefighting challenge, he says, are high-rise buildings in towns both big and small. To complicate matters, their firefighting preparedness is challenged by a lack of equipment and manpower.

“But everyone is working to fill those gaps, and there are big opportunities. It looks like there’s huge potential for aerial platforms over the next ten years based on the type of inquiries we’ve been getting from across the country. We are also increasing our after-sales support.”

“Safety thinking and attitudes have become a lot better during the last few years, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement,” he continues.

Brijbasi X Bronto

Working with Brontos

Aerial platforms are well known in India, and Bronto is the most popular aerial, with over 90% market share. Brijbasi has been working with Brontos for over 35 years.

“We’re proud of the pioneering work we’ve done together with our customers, started by my father and continued by my brother and me,” says Udit Agrawal. “Whether our customers are purchasing a new unit or servicing an older unit, they can always call us. We’ve always been approachable.”

With their extensive experience, Brijbasi prides itself on providing comprehensive service for the aerials under its watch.

“Our slogan is ‘With Brijbasi you are safe’. This is the message we give our customers. There are no limits – all is included in the services we do for aerial platforms.”

Recent initiatives include a large project for the state of Rajasthan, in northern India. The state purchased four 196-feet and one 230-feet Bronto aerial platforms. Brijbasi also has big projects in Mumbai and Ahmedabad underway, for seven allrounder units in each location.

Brijbasi 2

With industrial development in India set to continue for the next several decades, Brijbasi’s large warehouse/manufacturing space in Delhi and strong business relationships with top international manufacturers leave Brijbasi poised for growth.

There are many Brontos operating in India that are more than 25 years old, kept running through Brijbasi’s reliable service contracts and sales support network across India.

“For example, the Delhi fire service unit still has many old units in working condition. Pune, Navi Mumbai and Chennai also have old units still working. We have serviced these units regularly, and if you do that, you can use them for a very long time.”

Brijbasi’s customers, he says, are happy with the real-world firefighting capabilities of their aerials. He highlights a recent large fire in Surat where a Bronto was used to rescue approximately 70 people.

“This kind of feedback, where the unit goes to a fire and succeeds in saving lives, that is a big achievement for everyone involved – from the firefighters to our service team.”

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