TRI-Lift was founded in 2019 by industry veterans Jason Hanna (President), Mark Williams (Partner), and Aaron Hanna (VP of Sales). TRI-Lift was founded to expand the team’s extensive experience in the access industry (via sister company TRI-Crane) to aerial platforms.

The impetus for founding TRI-Lift was to meet growing demand for specialty access equipment in North America. Seeing this growing niche, the three put their heads together and started up the new aerial platform business.

Driving greater efficiency and higher uptime

The TRI-Lift team began looking for potential partners and quickly landed on Bronto Skylift as a natural fit. Knowing its stellar reputation in Canada, the team got in touch with North American Bronto rep Janne Pulkkinen and got things moving. That Williams has Finnish heritage was just the cherry on top.

TRI-Lift is a full-service Bronto distributor – handling sales, service, spare parts and rentals – based in Ontario and serving the whole of Canada.

The mobility and time-saving features of Brontos – which translate into higher uptime and significant fuel and labour cost-savings – were key in getting the partnership going. Compared to other access solutions, Brontos bring greater mobility and speed to the table, as well as their signature capability to get up and articulate over obstacles.

“The Brontos save a huge amount of time. You can come in, get the outriggers out, level up, and within 20 minutes have the operator up and working. The speed is a huge factor. And then when you move, from tower to tower for example, you can pack up, get to the next tower, be set up and hoisting before a crane would be packed up from the first site.”

Jason Hanna, President, TRI-Lift

Clear communication and fast turnaround meet local needs

Customer experience is how TRI-Lift differentiates. And because they offer their services throughout Canada, they’re always on their toes.

“In the parts business, it’s so critical to have parts in stock ready to go. If there’s an issue with a Bronto in the Toronto area, we can be there within an hour – a one-hour turnaround for delivery and installation. That’s rare,” says Mark Williams.

Maintaining that level of dealer service also requires speed and efficiency from Bronto Skylift, who can ship parts overnight – whether from home base in Finland or their North American headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The secret ingredient? Clean, efficient lines of communication and support between the two companies.

“From the end user to the factory level,” Williams continues, “the communication is there. I’m quite surprised by this, to be honest, based on my dealings with other manufacturers. We have easy access to contacts at the factory level. The technicians there, and the advice they provide, is fantastic. And we also have access to their online schematics – all we need to support our customers.”

TRI-Lift has also been pleased with Bronto Skylift’s level of equipment support, helping them provide a higher level of on-the-ground service to local customers.

“Bronto offers some fantastic things in terms of support, like remote access. If something goes wrong, the factory can remote in and help solve the issue. It’s just in these finite details – Bronto goes the extra mile, and it pays off in the customer experience. That’s so critical to us.”

A growing access solution in North America

TRI-Lift’s primary industries are wind and hydroelectric power. Both are poised for growth in the next five to ten years, and the team expects growing uptake of aerial platforms. Wind, in particular, has been a growth driver – a rapidly expanding part of the energy mix in Canada, an increasing number of wind turbines means more to clean, service and repair. On the hydroelectric side, it’s up to TRI-Lift to inform the customer base about the benefits of aerial platforms.

“[Aerial platforms] are growing for sure. Everybody in wind knows about them, and there’s a huge demand. In Canada, it’s about showing customers in other industries that they’re a superior product and letting them know about the potential cost savings,” says Jason Hanna.

Beyond wind and hydro, TRI-Lift is involved in telecommunications, water towers, fire access, and glass.

“For example, being downtown in the city with the short outriggers and variable jacking on the machine, we can get up and repair glass panels, leaks, anything precast. We can set up the unit in places that a mobile crane can’t go. It’s very, very versatile,” says Hanna.

Working together, TRI-Lift and Bronto Skylift are ready to get more operators, and industries, on the platform – bringing greater efficiencies and stellar service to the Canadian access industry.

“We’re definitely known here for being a hands-on company. Efficiency, uptime and saving customers the money – that’s key.”

Jason Hanna, President, TRI-Lift


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