Bronto Skylift is the well known and trusted, global partner in tall, truck-mounted aerial work platforms. Our aerials, with working heights up to 367 feet, are famous of their unmatched cage stability even at great heights, the smoot movements provided by the advanced control system and the overall safety and usability of the equipment.

Safety and efficiency to worksites

With Bronto work platforms accessing the elevated work such as wind turbines, power lines, roofs or even roller coasters is safe, efficient and agile. You can reach up, to the side, over obstacles or even below ground and all with one single piece of equipment, that needs only minutes to set up and doesn’t require loads of space.

“Side reach is tremendously important for us. When a machine can extend this far, we can keep it on level ground and still reach back to the phases or arms of the towers that we need to get to, instead of taking it off road. For transmission lines coming off our generating stations, we have double sets of towers. We can line up in the middle of these adjacent towers and work on both sides,” stated Chuck Yoder from Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO).

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Bronto truck mounted aerial makes line work safer and more productive for Indiana utility
Bronto truck mounted aerial makes line work safer and more productive for Indiana utility

The lineup at The Utility Expo 2021

At TUE21, held on September 28-30th in Louisville, KY, we will be demonstrating a S183XR with a working height of 183 ft, horizontal outreach of 131 ft. The S183XR is mounted onto a Mack Granite 64B chassis and has a total weight of about 58700 lbs. The working cage is hydraulically extendable up to 12ft wide and has a maximum load of 1300 lbs allowing plenty of capacity for men, material and tools. The working cage has integrated power outlets for tools and the cage can be rotated 220deg to both sides to allows ideal positioning even when working behind obstacles. The turntable has a continuous 360deg rotation to enable easy and trouble-free use of the total working envelope.

Another aerial demonstrated is the trusted and well known S150XDT. The S150XDT features a 150ft working height, 82ft working outreach and a cage load of 1500lbs.

Both units have the advanced Bronto+ control system, that provides smooth movements and is packed with safety features. For example, the maximum safe outreach is always calculated automatically based on the set up and the basket load. The modern control system also brings the benefits of the remote service and fleet management tools to your daily operations. With the advanced features of Bronto+, the Bronto aerial platform is truly a worry free solution to all elevated worksites.

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The industry is getting more and more safety oriented and the benefits of the truck mounted aerials are widely recognized. Bronto Skylift designs and manufactures the aerials only by the highest safety standards, so it’s not a wonder the demand for our aerials continues to rise throughout North America.

Come join the Bronto family at our booth E751 and test the state-of-the-art equipment yourself. With below code you get a 43% discount of the registration fee. We look forward meeting you at Louisville!

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