TGM Wind Brings Back Cleaning Services and expands to other sectors

S295HLA aerial platforms on a wind turbine

Kardie Equipment, A TGM Wind Services company and one of Bronto Skylift dealers in North America, has relaunched its specialized cleaning services and expanded its capabilities from wind turbines to include more sectors such as Utility, Power Generation, Refining, and Telecommunication industries.

TGM has 10 years of experience providing both access and cleaning services. They say they have earned and kept the position of preferred cleaning service provider by offering customers a choice between hand-washing or pressure-washing and always delivering quality services with careful and thorough methods.

The object to be cleaned can be for example a roller coaster, transmission power line or a wind turbine blade, but when cleaning from the working cage of a Bronto aerial platform the job can be carried out much faster than with ropes or scaffolding. Also, when the cleaning is done, the job is done. The platform can just be driven a way without the extra time required to dismantle other access methods. Naturally if there is any disposable materials to clean from the site, the team will do that too. “Our mission is to leave every aspect of the site cleaner than it was when we started ” TGM says.

Kardie Equipment provides the safe, efficient and reliable Bronto aerial work platforms all the way up to 295ft. They are used in various industries and elevated work. They are authorized Bronto Skylift dealer in 10 states. To find the supplier in your state, please visit our contact page.

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