Bronto Care – Support for Your Aerial Platform

Bronto Care offers both, full fleet management and remote service tools. With Bronto Care you have complete access to your aerial’s operational data, service cycles and much more, and a nearly instant connection between our remote support team and your aerials. Remote connections of Bronto Care enables full remote training possibilities as well.

With Bronto Care, your aerial device will stay in constant connection with us anywhere you have a mobile data connection. It works by establishing a connection between your aerial device and Bronto Skylift’s core database server. Your connected aerial sends information logs to Bronto Skylift every four hours – or instantaneously, if a fault situation occurs.

Bronto Care includes Skyliftfleet fleet management tool for your team and Bronto Compass remote service connection for real-time problem solving.

Bronto Care

Skyliftfleet online fleet management portal

Bronto Skyliftfleet is a web-based fleet management portal that makes it easy and efficient to manage your aerial platform and all its data. Using Skyliftfleet will enable you to drive new performance improvements in operational planning and execution, taking the productivity of your operations to new heights. With Skyliftfleet, you can easily check and optimise usage, performance and maintenance cycles. All important manuals and information about each device is stored for easy access, and you can track the location of each device in real time. It has never been easier to visualise and analyse the data of your fleet.


  • Easily manage and track your Bronto platforms
  • Instructions, operating manuals and safety bulletins are always at hand
  • Keep track of the productivity of your operations
  • Quickly navigate and analyse platform data
  • Stay on top of service requirements
  • Track the service and operational history of your platforms
  • Increase your efficiency in operational planning and execution

Bronto Compass remote diagnostic system

Bronto Compass is a versatile remote diagnostic system that enables accurate, real-time problem solving – even in difficult and unexpected situations. Compass opens an immediate communication line between Bronto Skylift and your platform whenever a Bronto operator requests assistance, connecting them with a skilled technical support manager. Faults and their causes can then be rapidly identified, analysed and corrected, limiting downtime and reducing unnecessary costs.



  • Connects you to reliable and professional service at all times
  • Gets your platform up and running remotely
  • Quick solutions to minimise inefficiency and downtime
  • System calibration remotely
  • Minimise downtime and maximise uptime


Online training for aerial platform operators

We offer remote online training tailored to the needs of your team. During remote training, our trainers can use external cameras and Bronto Compass as their eyes on your site. The training can also be a hybrid between remote and in-person training depending on what is most suitable option for your team.

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