Remote service enables fast technical support

Bronto remote service and technical support

The Technical Support team is the first line of assistance for Bronto operators in case of any unexpected problems in the field. The team’s mission is to help customers ensure their equipment gets back to work fast and is, above all, safe to use. The real-time diagnostics and support is enabled by the Bronto Compass system and it allows operators worldwide to receive rapid technical support.

Jouni Haapaniemi, Service Development Manager for Bronto Skylift, offered his insight into the challenges faced by the team, and the fast support they provide.

Bronto Skylift is a pioneer in remote services. We have offered remote service and support for our aerial platforms for about 20 years already.

Jouni Haapaniemi, Service Development Manager, Bronto Skylift

Remote service for various situations

Bronto Skylift’s aerial platforms are often deployed into situations where time is critical – whether that be to save people and property or keeping the connections up.  When a Bronto operator requests help during an active operation, we can help quickly via a remote connection. Bronto Compass enables accurate and real-time problem solving, where issues can be rapidly identified and corrected.

The most urgent issues typically involve the unit’s computers, sensors and monitors – an area that can put any aerial platform out of commission until the issue is resolved. These can generally be solved with remote service through the Compass system.


A member of the Technical Support team would open an online access to the aerial platform’s control system, locate the fault and recalibrate the sensors so that the operation can continue. There are also basic mechanical problems, for example, with the hydraulics system or cables. These aren’t accessible through the Compass control system but can often be resolved with a single email or phone call.


Sometimes diagnosing the issue requires a little “detective” work and not everything can be repaired in the field. In these cases the Technical Support will assist the customer very step of the way to get the aerial put to transport position to be taken to the nearest service location. Some cases require the chassis manufacturer to get involved. If necessary, a technician will be sent from Bronto Skylift factories to ensure that the aerial device will work properly – and with no compromises in safety – after the repair.

A team with over 100 years of combined know-how

Cooperation is key when the global service network and Technical Support team solve challenges together. The team’s 100+ years of combined experience, in Finland alone, benefits every support request you make to Bronto Skylift. The Technical Support team collaborates closely with the engineering and R&D. This enables a large team of professionals to quickly and easily put their heads together to solve even the most challenging problems for variety of customers.

Ultimately, all knowledge in the company filters down to the frontliners of the customer service, the Technical Support team. Their experience, which includes training operators around the world, has supplied them with a deep understanding of the everyday situations that our customers face. The rapid technical support and expertise is reinforced with an extensive spare parts service to keep your Bronto up and running as safely and efficiently as possible.

In the future, Bronto Skylift will continue to serve as an industry benchmark in remote support and service. At the same time, we will continue to develop digital solutions to make customers’ lives easier, with a laser-focus on quality.

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