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Key benefits

  • Compact design ensuring better manoeuvrability.
  • Telescopic cage boom provides more up-and-over and below-ground reach.
  • Spacious working cage with 1540 lbs safe working load.
  • Increased working load and lifting capability.
  • Excellent height to weight ratio.
  • Extremely reliable outreach regardless of the external circumstances.
  • Variable jacking and automatic levelling.
  • User friendly Bronto 5+ control system.
  • Modern service tools and a wide
    service network to guarantee the best possible uptime.


Various options, e.g.:

  • Cage winch, max load 880 lbs
  • Boom winch, max load 2425 lbs
  • Extendable cage, width up to 12 ft
  • Emergency back up system
  • Wireless remote control for boom movements
  • Bronto Loadman to measure ground bearing
  • Ultrasonic collision guard


150 ft173 ft200 ft230 ft
82 ft115 ft121 ft118 ft
1500 lbs1500 lbs1500 lbs1500 lbs
12' 8" *12' 8" *13' 5" *13' *
33' *39' *39' 5" *40' *
48,000 lbs*58,000 lbs*70,500 lbs*88,000 lbs*
*depending on chassis

Technical data and illustrations subject to change without notice.


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