With a working height from 150 up to 230 feet, the Bronto XDT range enables dynamic operations as well as extremely reliable outreach in all circumstances. As all Bronto aerial platforms, the XDT range units can be customised with various customer-specific options to match the needs of every unit owner and operator.

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. Our lifecycle services ensure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible shape for years and decades to come.

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Key benefits

  • Compact design ensuring better manoeuvrability.
  • Telescopic cage boom provides more up-and-over and below-ground reach.
  • Spacious working cage with 1500 lbs safe working load.
  • Increased working load and lifting capability.
  • Excellent height to weight ratio.
  • Extremely reliable outreach regardless of the external circumstances.
  • Variable jacking and automatic levelling.
  • User friendly Bronto 5+ control system.
  • Modern service tools and a wide
    service network to guarantee the best possible uptime.


Various options, e.g.:

  • Cage winch, max load 880 lbs
  • Boom winch, max load 2425 lbs
  • Extendable cage, width up to 12 ft
  • Emergency back up system
  • Wireless remote control for boom movements
  • Bronto Loadman to measure ground bearing
  • Ultrasonic collision guard


150 ft173 ft200 ft230 ft
82 ft115 ft121 ft118 ft
1500 lbs1500 lbs1500 lbs1500 lbs
12' 8" *12' 8" *13' 5" *13' *
33' *39' *39' 5" *40' *
48,000 lbs*58,000 lbs*70,500 lbs*88,000 lbs*
*depending on chassis

Technical data and illustrations subject to change without notice.

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