New Managing Director for Bronto Skylift

Lasse Orre

Bronto Skylift’s Board of Directors has appointed a new Managing Director. Mr. Harry Clayhills will step down on 2nd December 2019 and his successor will be Mr. Lasse Orre.

Mr. Orre has made a long career in international business working for example for Transtech Oy and Mitron Oy as a CEO. In his earlier career he has worked several years abroad in Hong Kong, China and Switzerland in the telecommunication and railway industries. Mr. Orre is 57 years old, he is married and has two children.

“We place a great confidence in Mr. Orre’s proven experience as well as his passion and expertise in international business. At the same time, we appreciate the great contribution that Mr. Harry Clayhills placed for our growth during his tenure and wish him all the best and success in the future.” says Masahiro Nakajima Chairman of the Board, Bronto Skylift Oy Ab.

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