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Hinkel Equipment Rental

Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates, a family-owned business headquartered in Pennsylvania, got its start in 1953. In the early years, the company rented out cranes, loaders, and construction equipment, primarily for electric utilities and petrochemical plants.

The company has continued to flourish, keeping the ideals of safety, quality, reliability and customer support at the forefront of their business. Today, Hinkel Equipment Rental has firmly established its position as a source of expertise for aerial work platforms and a provider of high-quality rentals.

Trusted expertise

Hinkel Equipment Rental became a Bronto dealer in 1993 after a chance meeting at a sales event. Working together, Hinkel’s business has continued to reach greater heights in electric utilities – the firm’s main segment today – and engineering inspections, building maintenance, and film production.

“The high level of engineering design and construction of the equipment has certainly been a driver for sales, and customers are just super pleased with the reliability that’s an extension of that. And we’re really proud of the expertise we’ve built,” says Mark Hinkel, President of Hinkel Equipment Rental.

The robust safety features of Hinkel’s fleet and their thorough training courses are critical when operators will be using the equipment high in the air.

“The built-in safety features of the Bronto and its robust construction has really lent itself to our business. We found that training people thoroughly was the key to successful rentals, so we’ve devised a pretty thorough training regimen. What we’re doing surpasses the standards established by ANSI for operator training. Professional training is critical.”

Hinkel Equipment

Hinkel stresses that with good training, the equipment stays operating longer and their crews stay safe – which translates into happy customers.

Constant evolution

Hinkel is confident in the steady evolution of his business and his fleet. In his view, Hinkrent and Bronto Skylift have remained responsive to the marketplace in the United States in the decades since their partnership began – including working to meet individual customer requirements. With Hinkel Equipment Rentals’ aerial devices, he says, his customers understand they’re choosing equipment that will give them a competitive advantage.

When asked about a noteworthy success story, Hinkel demurs.

“Film production is always fun – hard, but fun. To me, the noteworthy thing is the everyday stuff. Being able to keep things going and keep people happy day in and day out. That’s probably the best part: when you have customers saying great equipment saved them a lot of time and money in completing the job. I love to hear that. That’s the main reason we’re doing this.”

Hinkel Equipment Rental Associates
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