Excel High Reach

Excel High Reach

Excel High Reach is a full-service Bronto distributor based in California, founded in 2001. Today, their principal segment is the electric utility community, followed by industrial and defence and the wind industries.

Experts in aerial work platforms

The road to Excel High Reach has left Lynn Ladenes, the owner of Excel High Reach, with an uncommon level of expertise in aerial work platforms – expertise he passes on to his team and clients.

“To put Excel High Reach into perspective, you have to incorporate my personal history. While pursuing a career in retail men’s clothing, one of my customers presented me with an opportunity outside of that industry. This was in the late sixties.”

It was an opportunity that would open the door to a long career in aerial work platforms. In 1992, Ladenes was recruited by Bronto Skylift to lead their North American business.

“After four good years, I was at the point in my career that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I established my own distributorship and began to create sales and rental opportunities in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.”

Bronto Skylift

Ladenes has continued to work closely with Bronto Skylift over the years, building up his business while competing with some of the largest equipment rental companies in the United States. Eventually, he transitioned to focus solely on Bronto products with a tight-knit crew at Excel High Reach.

According to Ladenes, there’s still ample room for growth for truck mounted aerial platforms in his segments, because the work is still dominated by older methods like scaffolding, cranes, or climbers – a space Excel is working hard to fill.

A full-service distributor

Excel High Reach has thrived over the long haul through maintaining long customer relationships, flexibility, and a stellar service record with its clients. For Ladenes, the day-to-day work is driven by customer needs. In practice, that means doing a bit of everything: sales, rental, maintenance, operator training, and trade-ins.

“We have certified mechanics on staff that provide maintenance for our fleet as well as customer owned fleets, and we have a substantial spare parts inventory. We are certified by Bronto to train. We’re also prepared to take in trades and offer financing through rentals with a purchase option.”

Excel’s fleet is fully tailored to customer needs. Their stability, high platform load capacity, and long reach have been a winning combination for his markets. According to Ladenes, the high-quality workmanship of the Brontos puts them in a class of their own in terms of reliability, minimising maintenance costs and providing more uptime and productivity for his customers.

“When maintained to the manufactures recommended service and maintenance schedule, Bronto’s have exemplary reliability. We just sold a machine to NASA for their JPL installation here in southern California. NASA has a series of deep space antenna complexes around the globe, and that’s how they track all the deep space objects and satellites. These are huge antennas, which have very sensitive arrays. And so far, they’ve chosen Excel High Reach.”

Ladenes highlights another classic success story with the Los Angeles Department Water & Power (LADWP), who began renting a Bronto in 2000. This led to one sale in 2002 and another in 2009. Most recently, the Board of the City of Los Angeles approved their purchase of four additional Brontos, for delivery in 2022.

“It all started with one rental, ultimately justifying the purchase of six aerial platforms. And that same rental unit aided three additional local utility customers in justifying their purchases.”

Safety above all

Ladenes stresses the need for safe machinery in his market.

“For the North American market, it’s imperative that the equipment be self-sustaining, and that the operator can’t put himself in any dangerous position. Those safety features are incorporated in the Bronto products. There’s no question our customers have a great deal of confidence in the safety features.”

Lynn Ladenes, Owner, Excel High Reach

It’s a long-term partnership that continues to benefit both Bronto Skylift and Excel High Reach. And when lives are on the line, the importance of safety above all can’t be overstated.

“Bronto Skylift is committed to quality, and I think it speaks volumes when you’re placing your own people at over 200 feet in the air. That’s what our customers are doing. And I would never consider putting my company at risk unless I was certain that the products I represent are going to safeguard everyone that gets in them.”

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