Elevating Access to Safe and Reliable Aerial Platforms in Australia

Summit Tower Hire is a Melbourne-based aerial platform provider offering wet and dry hire and long-term rental nationwide. Established in 2015, the company has experienced remarkable growth and has recently acquired JM Tower Hire Pty Ltd, further solidifying its position as a leading provider of safe and reliable aerial platforms in Australia.

Lockie McDonald, General Manager at Summit Tower Hire, shared the company’s journey following their relaunch: “Our focus on safety has been a major factor in both winning projects and executing at a high level in harsh Australian conditions.”

A fresh start with a familiar partner

Summit Tower Hire began its partnership with Bronto Skylift in 2015, purchasing their first Bronto aerial platform in the same year. Today, their fleet comprises a range of aerial platforms, including Bronto models capable of reaching heights anywhere between 130-230 feet. The acquisition of JM Tower Hire Pty Ltd has further expanded Summit’s capabilities and market reach.

“We’re looking forward to expanding our relationship with Bronto Skylift and growing the fleet quickly.”

Lockie McDonald, General Manager, Summit Tower Hire

Taming local challenges

Operating in Australia presents unique challenges, including extreme weather conditions, long-distance travel, and extended project durations. However, Summit Tower Hire has proven its ability to overcome these obstacles and deliver exceptional results.

“Extremely challenging roads, small pad sizes for setups, and long days tested our operators daily.”

Lockie McDonald, General Manager, Summit Tower Hire

Summit Tower Hire’s choice of Bronto aerial platforms, known for their reliability and small setup footprint, enables them to easily reach and deploy in a wide variety of situations. Their maintenance team ensures that the aerial platforms are serviced and in the field throughout projects, supported by Bronto Skylift’s round-the-clock availability.

Summit eyes their next peak

With the recent acquisition of JM Tower Hire Pty Ltd and the order of two additional Bronto S70XR units, Summit Tower Hire is poised for further growth. Their fleet size will exceed 30 units by December 2023, with over 15 of them being Bronto aerial platforms. This expansion allows Summit to meet the increasing demand in high-voltage transmission line construction and stringing activities, as well as support Australia’s investment in state-based grid interconnect and renewable energy.

“Our goal is to have the most successful travel tower company in the country. With Bronto Skylift’s help, we can reach this summit.”

Lockie McDonald, General Manager, Summit Tower Hire

Summit Tower Hire remains committed to delivering exceptional service reliability, safety, and innovation to their customers in the elevated work platform industry, maintaining a strong dedication to providing top-notch aerial platform solutions, backed by their partnership with Bronto Skylift and recent strategic acquisitions. With an expanding fleet and a focus on safety, Summit Tower Hire is well-positioned to cater to the growing demands of the Australian market and establish itself as a leader in the industry.

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