Efficient fire fighting with Bronto F22RL aerial platform

In the beginning of 2014 a big fire in Riquewihr destroyed 4 houses and required one casualty. SDIS (French Fire and Rescue Service) analysed this intervention and decided that the best solution for efficient fire and rescue operations in the small villages and historical city centres would be a Bronto Skylift F22RL aerial platform. 

bronto fire narrow streets

The major problem in these areas is the narrow streets and tight surroundings. Based on their investigations, SDIS decided to buy a Bronto Skylift F22RL rescue and fire fighting platform, which is only 2,37m wide and 7m long with no overhang on front. “With this platform we have better access to small roads where it’s not possible to go with other engines. The platform is smoother and more accurate and flexible to use as a traditional ladder truck.” Says Firefighter instructor from SDIS. The platform can be used with very narrow jacking so it does not require a big space to set up.

bronto set up fire

The rescue height of F22RL is 22 meters and it has a cage load capacity for 400kg. Horizontal outreach is 15,5m. “The up and over capacity is very important and makes it possible to access buildings from the opposite side. This is often crucial in old cities.” Says firefighter instructor.

bronto fire carrier

Other important features include all equipped 200 kg stretcher carrier and a 2500l/min water nozzle with telescopic water pipe.

bronto fire use

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