Companies that rent out crawler cranes, tower cranes or truck-mounted cranes can often benefit from adding truck-mounted aerial work platforms to their fleet. More often than not, these different types of lifting equipment complement each other and allow their owners to gain more rental revenue through diversification.

Aerial work platforms can bring versatility to your business opportunities and they can be used alongside different types of cranes in various field of business, such as utilities, telecommunication, wind power, construction, shipyards and many more. Aerial platforms are very quick and easy to set up and the variable outreach jacking allows the units to be set up in various different locations, making it easier to reach otherwise inaccessible or difficult to reach spots. Cranes are ideal for lifting heavy loads, while aerial work platforms allow safe lifting of people, tools and even smaller materials and require no dual rating. Having aerials in your fleet allows you to gain bigger deals by offering the full service for your customers.

Multiple synergies can be found when considering adding a truck-mounted aerial to complement the crane fleet. Very often the companies with a rental fleet of cranes already have the infrastructure to rent the aerial work platforms as well; the operators, the technicians, the industry contacts and the expertise to execute projects. Crane operators and technicians tend to have a good skill set and knowledge suited for further training to become aerial platform operators.

If you are already operating in the fields of business where aerials can be used alongside your current equipment, they can add to the versatility of your operations and create extra revenue.

Business areas with aerial work platforms include:

  • Utility sector construction and maintenance
  • Wind sector construction and maintenance
  • Building and construction sites
  • Port and shipyard construction and maintenance
  • Bridge inspection, construction and maintenance
  • Filming and lighting solutions for the media industry
  • Telecommunication sector building and maintenance

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Seamless collaboration of a crane and an aerial work platform

Using both methods, cranes and aerial platforms benefit every stage of an operation. While cranes are sturdy and can lift heavy loads, aerial work platforms are agile and versatile, allowing those on the workforce to position and re-position themselves quickly, efficiently and above all – safely.

This time-lapse video of the construction of a rollercoaster highlights the seamless collaboration between a crane and an aerial work platform.

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Gaining new business opportunities through versatility

Sometimes using a crane isn’t an option due to difficult locations, tight surroundings or other limiting factors. Having aerial work platforms in your fleet make it possible to take part in these bids anyway and create new business opportunities.

A case story from M.J. Electrics showcases one of these situations where the Bronto S90HLA aerial platform was the chosen solution, ultimately making the job easy.

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Bronto S295HLA aerial work platform

Bronto work platform renovating pellet factory

Restoration project for a crane and an aerial platform

Seamless collaboration was crucial when the crane and lifting company Lamminsivu was granted the job of renovating an iconic landmark. Both the dismantling and the rebuilding of the old pellet tower were carried out through a collaboration between these two types of equipment. The crane was used to lift the pieces on top of one another and an aerial platform carried the workmen and the tools that were needed to detach and reattach the relevant pieces.

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The need for new equipment may come at short notice

Sometimes new rental opportunities come suddenly and you don’t have the time to wait months for a new piece of equipment. For you to be able to acquire the equipment you need for your rental customers, we have launched a stock program that facilitates shorter delivery times.

For example, Clerkin Elevation got their new 90-meter platform within a week!

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Aerial work platform at Harland Wolff port

Keeping your fleet running

Your aerial platform is a long-term investment and you want the best possible uptime. For optimal performance, higher resale value and most importantly your safety, it pays off to take the best possible care of your Bronto platform.

We offer a wide range of services to support you throughout the lifetime of your equipment. From our service offering, you can find everything from training and remote services to complete service agreements, refurbishments and overhauls.

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