Central Power Electric takes delivery of a 125-feet aerial platform

Central Power Electric Cooperative, an American wholesale power supply and transmission cooperative based in North Dakota, has taken delivery of a new Bronto S125XDT aerial work platform. The unit is the newest addition to their operational fleet, allowing them to better serve the over 68 000 farms, homes and businesses across 25 counties and maintain the transmission line that spans almost 1500 miles. The unit was delivered by our local distributor Aspen Equipment. With the delivery, the customer also received certified Bronto operator training conducted by our inhouse experts at Bronto Skylift Inc.

Central Power operators testing out their newest aerial platform with Kevin Dodson of Bronto Skylift Inc. (middle) overseeing the training.

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Upgrading the fleet

Central Power needed to upgrade one of their larger access trucks in their fleet. Their access machines included 80 feet, 85 feet and 125 feet platforms. Jed Fishbach, Territory Manager at Aspen Equipment, recognized this as an opportunity and was able to win them over to trade their old 125 feet aerial platform in for a new Bronto S125XDT. The Bronto S125XDT aerial platform offers much more reach, basket capacity and versatility on a smaller, lighter, more mobile package than any of their other access equipment. The S125XDT also allows them to access many more locations faster, safer, and easier than before. The unit chassis is also equipped with an EZ track hydraulic front wheel drive system that provides for much better traction off road.

The automatic leveling and self-stowing features of the Bronto S125XDT are seen as big advantages to inexperienced operators as Central Power has several different linemen that may end up operating the new aerial. The smooth B5+ operating system impressed all the operators during in-service operator training provided by Bronto Skylift Inc. at the customers location in Minot, ND.

“There is no comparison to the other access trucks for smooth operation and virtually no bouncing even at higher working ranges”

Access operator, Central Power Electric Cooperative

The large working cage and hydraulic winch option are seen as big production advantages. This gives their linemen more room to work and much more capacity to carry more equipment, saving time and money. Central Power is already considering replacing their smaller units with multiple Bronto S125XDT aerials as their expansion plans continue and the Bronto’s are seen as safer and more versatile options.

Quick delivery in key role

On this deal, Aspen Equipment was able to take advantage of a quick unit delivery time as the S125XDT was one they ordered from the Bronto Stock Program and was on display at the 2023 Utility Expo in Louisville, KY. Aspen Equipment was able to check out the aerial at the show and purchased it on the spot. The quick delivery times of aerials in the Bronto Stock Program are highly appreciated as it allows customers to get their new unit on the worksites as soon as possible.

Bronto S125XDT on display at the 2023 Utility Expo

Bronto S125XDT aerial platform

The S-XDT range has all the key features required from a perfect aerial work platform. Telescopic cage boom, increased working load and compact design make work at heights more efficient and much easier, while the Bronto 5+ control system keeps you safe and lets you focus on the job at hand. The S125XDT for Central Power has a working height of 125 feet, outreach of 88 feet and the working cage is equipped with a detachable hydraulic material winch with 880 lb safe working load. The aerial is mounted on a Peterbilt 6×4 chassis and weighs around 47 500 lb.

Unit levelling training
Training session
Rising up to heights

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