Be safe, be agile – Bronto truck-mounted platforms at at ICUEE

In many industries there are alternative access methods, that can take professionals up many hundred ft’s to do their job. Most of them are time consuming, take too much space on the ordinary streets, lack the capability to reach over an obstacle or may even be dangerous.

With Bronto work platforms accessing the elevated work such as wind turbines, power lines, roofs or even roller coasters is safe, efficient and agile. You can reach up, to the side, over obstacles or even below ground and all with one single piece of equipment, that needs only minutes to set up and doesn’t require loads of space.

At ICUEE  you can see and test the world’s highest insulated work platform, the SI219HDT-C. It’s designed for live line work at sub-transmission and transmission lines up to 765 kV. With the FRP cage boom and the sharp edge corona ring that keeps the voltage consistent, the SI219HDT-C enables safe, efficient and cost effective maintenance without cutting the power off from thousands of houses.

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Another Bronto at our booth is the trusted and well known S150XDT. It’s telescopic cage boom provides more up-and-over capacity, as well as below ground reach. Compact size and low weight ensures the best movability and variable jacking makes it easy to set up the platform even in tight spots. It is brought to you by Aerial Reach Associates, that is a joint venture of two Bronto Skylift dealers.

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That’s not it, not by a long shot. In addition to these two at our own stand, there are three extra Bronto’s at ICUEE! They are on Kardie Equipment’s stand (L493) and one at Mack’s ( N1049). Kardie, a TGM Wind company, is also a Bronto Skylift dealer and their territory expands across 10 different states, including Kentucky. This totals up to six Bronto platforms at the show, which is more than ever.

The industry is getting more and more safety oriented and the benefits of the truck mounted aerials are getting widely recognized. Designing and manufacturing only by the highest safety standards, Bronto Skylift’s footprint in North America has never been stronger. The set up at ICUEE truly speaks for that.

Hungry for more? Read a case study why ME Electric thinks utility contractors should consider truck-mounted aerial platforms instead of cranes. And don’t forget to obtain the discount code just below. See you at ICUEE!

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Modern platforms gone online

All Bronto platforms at ICUEE have the user-friendly Bronto 5+ control system that features touch screens and other modern treats and provides smooth and stable operation. The modern control system also brings the benefits of the remote service tools and fleet management portal to daily operations.

Bronto Skyliftfleet is a web-based portal that enables you to analyze their data to get the most out of your asset. With the easy dashboards you can check and optimize usage, performance and predict maintenance cycles.

Flexible and versatile remote diagnostic system Bronto Compass enables real time communication with the platform for various settings, calibration, analyzing and fault finding. Faults and their causes can be rapidly identified, analyzed and corrected which helps to limit downtime and reduce unnecessary costs.

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