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Bronto Skylift AUNZ delivers a generation of access, from Perth to Auckland

Bronto Skylift AUNZ* is a family owned Bronto Skylift distributor based in Adelaide, South Australia. Five employees, including a full-time technical and training manager, serve the needs of Bronto Skylift customers in Australia and New Zealand.

*Bronto Skylift AUNZ is a registered Australian business division of GFS AUNZ Pty Ltd.

Trevor Wing, Director of GFS AUNZ Pty Ltd. and Regional Manager of Bronto Skylift AUNZ began his career as a surveyor, then transitioned into fire truck manufacturing in 1983 with Australian Fire Company.

“I was delivering a new fire truck to a mine site in Leonora, Western Australia in 1992 and met a Bronto Skylift representative by chance out there. I told him about our history and what we were capable of at Australian Fire Company. He thought that was a good mix for both companies, and away we went.”

Trevor Wing, Regional Manager, Bronto Skylift AUNZ

Just like that, they kicked off a business relationship now stretching past 30 years.

A rich history in fire protection and high access

It was quickly decided that Mr. Wing’s firm would act as a Bronto Skylift distributor for the fire and rescue market area in Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Wing delivered his first Bronto to the Western Australia Fire Brigade in 1994. Today they’ve supplied over 180 aerial platforms in their market area.

“Initially we predominantly supplied fire trucks. We progressed into the access sector in 2002, with a major supply of 48 aerial platforms to Boom Logistics – a very large crane and platform hire company in Australia. Now we’ve got four major customers in the access sector, and except for Fire Rescue New South Wales, we’ve supplied Brontos to every fire service in mainland Australia and New Zealand.”

*Fire Rescue New South Wales is served by Alexander Perrie Pty Ltd who are the Bronto  appointed local distributor since 1988.

As an access solution, the Brontos have built themselves a strong reputation in the region. According to Mr. Wing, that’s for one key reason.

“Stability. Brontos are the most stable hydraulic platform at height. The guys in the cage really appreciate that. Competitors might make their units lighter, but at the end of the day our customers are working high up in transmission towers and communication towers. They need that stability to get the job done.”

Trevor Wing, Regional Manager, Bronto Skylift AUNZ

Growing industries spell success – but not without challenges

As a rule, the wind power and transmission industries are picking up pace globally, and Australia and New Zealand are no exception. This paves a wide path for Bronto in the region, and Mr. Wing sees it unlikely that business will slow any time soon.

Supplying Brontos to Australia requires some customisation to make them fit for market, which may include using a heavier chassis to meet road regulations, adding an extra axle, or modifying the bodywork.

“Our latest fire units have included three 92-feet Bronto F28ALR aerial platforms. Those have been really well-received, and we’re looking at supplying more over the next couple of years. Our new 148-feet Bronto F45XRs have also turned out very well. Our customers are quite loyal, so in recent years we’re now supplying a lot of replacement units for those I’ve supplied back in the 1990s and early 2000s.”

And although supply can be a challenge – due to global supply chain instability, their location, and customs – according to Mr. Wing, Bronto Skylift’s delivery schedules are still commendable. Once the aerial platforms make it to the country, the Bronto Skylift AUNZ team offers training, service and spare parts for their customers.

“We do training, certainly. As Australia is so big, we’ve set up a network of after-sales service providers around the country. Each state now has their own dedicated service provider, and they purchase the parts that they need through us.”

Trevor Wing, Regional Manager, Bronto Skylift AUNZ

Their full-time technical and training manager is one Peter Wellspring, who started off as an operator and is now a Bronto Skylift veteran renowned for his “blue blood”.

“He’s now the top in his field and very highly regarded in Australia and New Zealand – he’s our ever-ready expert of after sales service and troubleshooting for all our Bronto customers.”

The Bronto Skylift family

Mr. Wing’s relationship with Bronto Skylift has now lasted a generation – and with the recent  appointment of his son Damian and daughter Kelly as Directors to see through the next generation, it shows no sign of slowing down.

“Bronto Skylift is like a big family. Our customers know that what we tell them is what’s going to happen, and we have the same confidence in Bronto Skylift. The way they do their business makes for a very strong organisation, and very strong representation in this part of the world.”

Mr. Wing, for his part, is no stranger to reconnecting in-person – having made 52 trips to Finland.

Trevor Wing
Regional Manager
Bronto Skylift AUNZ
Unit6/5 Ballantyne Street, Magill, 5072, South Australia
+ 61 4 0790 1474

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