Bronto Skylift at bauma 2022


There is a proverb, that if you wish to go fast, go alone, but if you wish to go far, go together. For decades, we’ve been developing our products together with our customers and innovated solutions for different worksites around the world. We strongly believe this partnership mindset has made us the trusted partner that we are today worldwide. Come join the Bronto Family at bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany on 24th-30th of October at our stand FS1203/3! to experience and test the latest concept yourself.

At this point of time, we are seeing a multitude of options for future propulsion systems from electricity to hydrogen and bio gas. As a manufacturer we strive to provide sustainable solutions that will not only carry us over the transition period, but also make it easier for our customers. 

“Not many companies are ready to make heavy investments to buy fully electric chassis for large truck mounts, as the operating ranges are a concern and the market seems to wait for some certainty of the alternatives and the possible resale value of the electric solutions in few years. Still, we all wish to reduce emissions already today to secure a healthier planet. We already see a lot of zero emission zones within city centres, but why not do the job emission free even outside the cities when possible.”

Arne Denks, Product Manager, Bronto Skylift

Going greener with Bronto Hybrid Pack


At bauma we will introduce a new Bronto Hybrid Pack concept – a simple, cost effective solution to make your large truck-mounts hybrid. It allows you to operate emission free, noise free and care free on any worksite near or far, indoors or outdoors. The Bronto Hybrid Pack is based on lithium technology, which has far better weight/energy ratio, than lead batteries, that have been traditionally used.

”You could say we have made our first hybrid aerial work platform already in 2010, when we delivered a tailor-made solution with lead batteries to a customer in Sweden.”

Arne Denks, Product Manager, Bronto Skylift

Bronto Hybrid Pack key features:

  • Perfect for city use without local emissions and with low noise level
  • No idling engine needed
  • Operation time on average use is aimed to be whole working day
  • Can be plugged in while using to increase working time indefinitely
  • Can be charged with Type 2 cable from almost any kind of power outlet
  • DC fast charging as a possible option
  • Battery pack has liquid cooling/warming
  • 60 kWh battery pack
  • 90 kW peak power electric motor
  • 22 kW on-board charger
  • Charging time with onboard charger about 2,5-3 hours
  • Available for other Bronto models in future


At bauma, the Bronto Hybrid Pack concept will be paired with the perfect aerial platform for city centres, the well liked Bronto S35EM. Everything you love in a Bronto S35EM, only greener! The Bronto Hybrid Pack will keep the S35EM running for full work day on an average worksite. After validation by our customer base and possible further co-development with some of them, the concept will be expanded to suit other Bronto models as well. The target is that the Bronto Hybrid Pack will be made available as a retrofit in the future, but as many of our delivered units are tailor made, it will need a case by case evaluation to make sure the end result meets customer expectations.

“We have always done product development together with our customer base and will continue on this path with the electrification too. The Hybrid Pack concept is in development phase and we invite everyone to develop it further with us.”

Roberto Quintero, Sales & Marketing Director, Bronto Skylift

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Bronto S104HLA with a compact chassis solution

Biggest aerial work platform at Bronto Skylift’s stand will be the 104-meter Bronto S104HLA mounted on a new type Volvo chassis, which allows compact configuration that is easy to drive in both, worksite conditions and regular traffic. Since the cabin is not lowered in front of the front axle, the approach angle is improved and the driveability increased by leaps. The S104HLA provides a working outreach of 33 metres and a working height of 104 metres. Jalo&Jalo chose an extendable working cage with a 600 kg safe working load and maximum width of 3.7 metres. Other options include e.g. hydraulic and water outlets in the cage and a 400kg cage winch, as well as X-track hydraulic driven front axles. The S104HLA at the show belongs to a Nordic rental company Jalo & Jalo and has been tested at multiple worksites.

Bronto S70XR with a new type of working cage

The S70XR, with its 70m working height and below 12-meter transportation length, is a popular choice for many different worksites. The S70XR at Bauma is mounted on a Scania and  will be officially handed over to its new owner, Swiss rental company Maltech AG, during the exhibition. The S70XR is typically built on 4 axles with under 32t GVW, but Maltech chose to increase their working envelope by adding a 5th axle and some extra weight. This enables 6,4 meters more outreach to the rear sector than the typical, lighter construction. The options include a new type of extendable cage with extra wide entrance and 600kg capacity. When the cage is extended, the front railing can be moved aside, which enables easier loading and unloading of men, tools and material. For added safety, the boom movements are only possible when the railings are in place. Other options include e.g. a 2×220 degree cage rotation and a detachable 200kg cage winch.


New type of working cage in Maltechs S70XR

Both, Jalo&Jalo and Maltech have been Bronto Skylift’s customers since the early seventies, which just goes to prove that if you wish to go far, go together!

Bronto One – new customer portal


We will also be introducing a new Bronto One customer portal, that will replace the old fleet management system Skyliftfleet. Bronto One is cloud-based technology and as a significant difference to other systems in the market, has an open interface for integrations to other systems, like customers’ own ERP for example. Naturally, all Bronto aerials equipped with a modem are fully connected to Bronto One. However, fleets often include other types of equipment too and having only one manufacturer’s units in your fleet management system is like trying to complete a puzzle without all the pieces. Bronto One welcomes all manufacturer’s units and equipment, so it really does provide a full picture of your fleet. In addition to better, more comprehensive fleet management, Bronto One offers personne l training logs, self-learning material and access to a solution centre with hundreds of solutions and guidance to various situations. Bronto One is a single point of entry to Bronto Skylifts aftersales services anywhere in the world.

Bronto One key features:

  • Single point of entry towards Bronto Skylifts aftersales services anywhere around the world
  • A single point of access for all data and documentation related to your fleet
  • Service cycles, inspection deadlines, maintenance programs and service history
  • Usage analytics
  • Manuals and other units specific documentation
  • Personnel’s training logs and certifications
  • Self-learning material
  • Solution center
  • Bronto One Mobile app for field service to maintain digital service logs

Bronto Challenge Tour Finale

The final destination and the grand finale of the 2022 Bronto Challenge will take place at bauma22! In 2022 operators and exhibition visitors around the world have had the opportunity to compete on a timed aerial race course in virtual reality. Think you have what it takes? Put on the VR-glasses and try it out!

The Bronto Challenge has been available in various local shows around the world during 2022 and the winner will be revealed in December 2022. The challenge will be carried out with the brand new Bronto One Simulator, which offers an immersive, hands-on experience in manoeuvring and controlling a Bronto aerial platform.

The Bronto Challenge will give you the opportunity to put all your hard-earned skills to the test – or just try operating for the first time in a safe environment. The race will include a pre-defined route to follow using the aerial platform. The winner is the operator who completes the task in the fastest time and with the fewest unnecessary movements.

In addition to the boom movements, Bronto One Simulator offers the possibility to drive the unit on the roads of a real-like virtual city and practice safety in traffic. Steering wheel and pedals make the experience even more realistic. The road driving will not be a part of the race track, but is available to be tested in tour locations.

In addition to the great fame and glory, the winner gets to choose a charity organization, that will get a 5000€ donation by Bronto Skylift. A beautiful, unique Bronto Champion trophy will go home with the winner. The 2nd and 3rd will receive a set of Bronto Skylift merchandize and all participants will get a small surprise.

We recommend registering before the exhibition so we’re prepared for your attempt.

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