Taking care of your valuable team member

Your aerial platform is a long-term investment – and quite often like a member of the team. For best possible uptime, optimal performance, higher resale value and most importantly your safety, it pays off to take the best possible care of your Bronto platform.

Spare parts, retrofits and service agreements

With original Bronto spare parts, well-executed modernisations and planned maintenance your Bronto Skylift will serve you for decades.

Spare parts

When buying a new Bronto product, you can trust that its spare parts are available for at least the next 25 years. Our fast and reliable spare parts service includes our own engineering parts, customized Bronto OEM parts and various consumables, to name but a few. With Bronto, you are equipped with all the necessary components throughout your platform lifecycle.

bronto service

Retrofits, upgrades and modifications

Bronto platforms are designed and manufactured to serve you for decades. An integral part of this lifecycle approach is our modernization services, which involve updating your platform to serve you even when the requirements change. After analyzing the present state of the unit and the required performance changes, we will identify the most appropriate solutions for the modernization.

The aim of the modernization can be extending the lifecycle of your Bronto unit or improving its performance. What’s more, you can add new features for broader operational capability. Also the operational safety and efficiency can be brought to current standards.

Service agreements

With Bronto Service agreement, you can be assured that your Bronto equipment is kept in the best possible shape for its entire lifecycle. The content of our mutual agreement is fully customized according to your needs and wishes. This covers the annual inspections and service visits, but it can also be expanded to include other services such as more detailed inspections, other maintenance activities, and spare parts.

Training and consulting

The platform is nothing without its operator. Our experienced trainers and product experts help you make the most of your platform. The training can be organized at your own premises or at the Bronto Academy.

Bronto Skylift Operator License (BSOL) training

The two-day BSOL training meets the same legal criteria as the IPAF safety training, but it is customized to be catered specifically to Bronto equipment. 

IPAF/PAL training 

For Powered Access License (PAL) we offer the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) operator safety course. 

Product and service trainings

The product training can be tailored from the basics to expert level and it can include the Bronto+ control systems, GCS and HDT control systems, calibration and Compass remote monitoring.

Service training adds more information and practical applications to product training, such as general maintenance, software loading and advanced studies training.

Bronto aerial simulator training

Our training simulator offers a way to get hands-on in manoeuvring and controlling a virtual Bronto aerial platform, including a complete Bronto+ control system and panels.

Expert service training 

After at least six months of experience in inspecting Bronto units, this training enables you to conduct broader annual inspections to the computerized units.

Customized training

By focusing on your specified requirements, we are able to design a customized training package about, for example, regional firefighting techniques or other operational challenges.


Improving the reliability or performance of your equipment, changing the chassis of your Bronto unit or adding new features – our knowledge helps you even with issues not within the limits of the standard product support.

Product support, remote service and online tools

Digital services make your Bronto easy to manage and maintain. With remote access to your platform data you can troubleshoot faults and optimize maintenance of your entire fleet.

Bronto Skyliftfleet

Bronto Skyliftfleet is a web-based portal that enables managing your platform(s) by analyzing and visualizing their data into an easy-to-read form. You can easily check and optimize usage, performance and maintenance cycles. Bronto Skyliftfleet stores all the important manuals, information and for example service bulletins for easy access. There are different sections for different roles and it’s possible to select different views for different people or organizations.

Bronto Compass 

Flexible and versatile remote diagnostic system Bronto Compass enables accurate, real-time problem solving even in difficult and unexpected situations. It enables real time communication with the platforms for various settings, calibration, analyzing and fault finding. Faults and their causes can be rapidly identified, analyzed and corrected which helps to limit downtime and reduce unnecessary costs.

Global service network

Service is an essential part of a trouble-free daily work. At Bronto Skylift, we pride ourselves with the most comprehensive service network in the industry. Wherever you work, you can count on having an authorized Bronto Skylift service partner near you.

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