Aspen Equipment

Aspen Equipment

Aspen Equipment is a truck equipment installer and manufacturer based in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. The roots of the company date back to 1926, with Aspen Equipment splitting from the parent company to focus on truck and vocational equipment in 1994. For the past 26 years, the company has been expanding its product line and personnel to four separate branches throughout the Midwest, with approximately 140 employees.

Todd Foster, President of Aspen Equipment, has worked with the company almost since its inception and has been involved in nearly every aspect of the business. Today, Aspen offers Bronto aerial platforms, spare parts and field servicing, alongside a wide inventory of truck equipment.

Helping people succeed

Aspen’s company vision, “Helping people succeed”, is a directive that extends to all players in the value chain, including employees, suppliers, and customers. The company’s focus on long-term partnerships is just one reason their relationship with Bronto Skylift has lasted more than 20 years.

“Focusing on the success of every part of the circle really helps all the members be successful. It’s a cyclical notion — not about landing one deal. We want our suppliers to be successful so they’re here fifteen years from now, and we want our partnerships to continue to develop and grow.”

And when it comes to helping people succeed, the versatility and long reach of Bronto aerial platforms has benefited the firm — even as competition among aerial platforms continues to increase.

“For our customers, the main benefit is safety, alongside the capacity and the capability of the machine. Then it’s the sophistication that translates into smooth operation and controls. Once our customers use a Bronto and are really working with it, they’re nothing but satisfied.”

Bronto 200 XDT

A long-term vision

Foster is an optimiser, leaving no stone unturned in refining the strategic vision of Aspen Equipment — from implementing lean principles to systematising each sub-process of their installations.

Aspen Equipment is rapidly growing their sales team to cover more territory and expand Brontos into more diverse markets. Their strengthened team will focus on expanding Aspen’s offering for the industrial utilities and wind sectors, buffeted by coming infrastructure developments in the United States.

“This country is moving towards a much more sustainable energy process. Wind will be a huge part of that, and you have to be able to maintain the wind turbines. Infrastructure changes like a global Wi-Fi network and cellular expansion are also going to happen here in the United States. The future is good for aerial devices like Brontos.”

Aspen has no plans of slowing down any time soon and will continue to deepen relationships with suppliers they see as top in their field.

“Our suppliers are each recognised in their industries as leaders in quality. And Bronto fits right in with that. They’re considered the premier product among high lift aerials, which is really what we try to align ourselves to. Ultimately, that’s going to lead to more satisfied customers.”

Aspen Equipment Co.
9150 Pilsbury Ave. S
Bloomington, MN 55420
Phone: +1 952 888 2525

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