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Angloco Limited, a family business established in 1965, manufactures and distributes firefighting and rescue vehicles. Today the company exports to over 70 countries, employs a team of more than 140, and covers every section of fire and rescue vehicle in their domestic market. Angloco has acted as a dealer for Bronto Skylift aerial platforms throughout the UK and Ireland since the late 1980s.

We sat down with Alistair Brown, Managing Director of Angloco, to talk about what makes Angloco stand out from the crowd.

Local expertise

Over the decades, Angloco has built strong expertise in manufacturing, servicing, and customising fire and rescue vehicles. They provide a range of services tailored to each customer, including training courses, annual service, and ad-hoc support over the lifetime of their products.

“We offer everything from compact firefighting vehicles up to very large airport and industrial firefighting appliances, and everything in between. Thanks to relationships like the one with Bronto, we feel we cover every section of fire and rescue vehicle in our domestic market.”

Alistair Brown, Managing Director, Angloco Limited

To Alistair, self-sufficiency and service are the hallmarks of the Angloco brand – customer communication begins on day one. The company takes a ‘can-do’ approach with customers, whether that means providing a bespoke firefighting vehicle or going the extra mile for an urgent customer need.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as the best performer in terms of service and support.”

Alistair Brown, Managing Director, Angloco Limited

Angloco’s expertise is driven by a growing staff that strikes a fine balance between being large enough to handle robust demand, but small enough to keep customer relationships personal. At heart, Angloco remains a family business – and that’s reflected in its low employee turnover. The head of their service support department started as an apprentice nearly thirty years ago, so he’s been around the vehicles for his entire working life.

“That’s not unusual for us. We’ve developed a really good depth and breadth of knowledge with the products,” Alistair Brown states.

Long term support

When it comes to Bronto Skylift aerial platforms, Alistair says their strength comes down to their reliability over the lifetime of the vehicle – a testament to the quality of the units, and just as importantly, the depth of Angloco’s service capability.

Bronto F45XR

“When people do their research about reliability over the life of the vehicle, and in particular, our ability to sort out problems when they happen, Angloco and Bronto Skylift are head and shoulders above the rest. These vehicles will have a 15, or 20, or 25-year operating life with our customers, and we’re there to support them with training and maintenance the whole way,” Alistair Brown adds.

An expert in their local market, Angloco’s rich heritage and reputation for quality has earned the trust of its customers through decades of service.

“It’s that confidence our customers have in us – they know the unit can be supported well and quickly put back into service. And that’s really where we excel.”

Alistair Brown, Managing Director, Angloco Limited

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