10 more Brontos for Jalo&Jalo

During the last 5 years Finnish based rental company has tripled almost everything in their business and created a solid foundation to grow their business even further. Crossing the Finnish borders will be the next leap. 

In 2014 they acquired another Finnish company Kymppinostot and in following year they purchased the work platform business from Havator, that is now focused in other areas of lifting business. Two years later two big players, Jalo & Jalo and Janneniska, announced a business deal under which both companies will focus on providing services in their own categories. Jalo&Jalo bought 34-80 m units from Janneniska and sold 90-104 to them. “Due to high demand we have taken many new operators, renewed and increased the fleet and now are ready to open our first international office in the near future”, says Sami Jalo, CEO of Jalo&Jalo.

They certainly have taken new units to their fleet; 10 new platforms in 6 months, including five S35EM’s, three S47XR’s, one S50XDT-J and one S70XR. All platforms are mounted on Volvo chassis, which has proven to be good according to Jalo. All platforms also feature for example material handling winches and electric drives to be able to adapt to changing situations on the worksites. “Worksites are not always straight forward. We have basic material handling gear with every unit to be able to serve the customer in all situations. Electric drive we use for example working indoors and for indoor worksites as well as other tight fits we also configured one of the S47XR’s with low transport height” says Jalo.

S56XR jalojalo

Typical worksites include steel and other constructions, telecommunication masts, windfarms and different city sites from inspection to maintenance. The S35EM is top choice for city environment – that is what it was designed for. The S70XR is most often seen working on constructions and the S50XDT-J and S47XR’s are perfect fit for telecom masts. For windfarms, Jalo&Jalo has a 78 meter S78XDT’s. “What unit is sent to the site depends on many things and in principle all units do everything they can reach”, says Jalo.

wind turbine

Jalo&Jalo has little over 50 units in their fleet and with only a few exceptions they are all Brontos. They have recently sold most of the other brands and are aiming to continue until the fleet is only Brontos. In fact, they have totally 1932 meters of Brontos! “We’ve seen the importance of service and we can fully trust only Bronto’s service to keep us up and running. This is critical aspect of the business,” says Jalo. Bronto Skylift has just opened a new service and administration facility in Finland to be able to guarantee the quality of the services. “We are honoured and proud to be part of the success story of one of the fastest growing access companies in Europe. We will strive to be not only a manufacturer, but strategic partner for Jalo&Jalo,” says Antti Suoniemi, Access Sales Director, Bronto Skylift.

Strategic partnership is a two-way street and the S35EM is a perfect example of this. Jalo&Jalo was one of the biggest influencers when designing the S35EM. This co-operation has proven to be very successful. “Up till now the S35EM has been praised by our customers and now it has also received the IAPA Product of the year in truck mount category. This goes to show the true value of partnership”, says Suoniemi. Jalo&Jalo owns the two very first S35EM’s and will soon receive the last two of the total 5 they ordered. Also one of the S47XR’s and the S50XDT-J will be delivered in March.

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