Two Bronto aerial platforms for SÖRF Rescue Service Association in Sweden

F32TLK 57442 16t demo

The SÖRF southeast Skåne Rescue Service Association serving the municipalities of Ystad, Sjöbo, Tomelilla and Simrishamn in Sweden, has recently signed an agreement with Bronto Skylift for a future delivery of two new-generation Bronto F32TLK aerial platforms. The units are scheduled to be delivered in the spring of 2024 and the fire personnel will receive thorough operator training executed by Bronto Skylift’s Swedish team located in Vallentuna.

The F32TLK is a compact and easily manoeuvrable aerial platform for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. With faster automatic jacking, a spacious rescue cage with 500 kg capacity and various other beneficial features, the F32TLK units allow SÖRF to serve their cities and surrounding areas in all circumstances. The compact design and short transportation length makes the units a perfect fit for Sweden’s urban city environments. The advanced control system Bronto+ provides smooth, precise movements and is packed with safety features allowing firefighters to focus on their job at heights.

The up and over capacity of 7.8 metres allows firefighters to extinguish fires, rescue people, and support their team over roofs, avoiding possibly hazardous parapets and other obstacles. In addition, the below ground reach is a hefty 5.7 metres, allowing the fire brigade to perform water rescues from rivers and bays.

“After exploring the market for over a year with tests of several different variants of high-altitude vehicles, we are very satisfied with the choice of the Bronto F32TLK. The speed of operation, the ease of use and the ergonomics of the vehicle was decisive in our choice.”

Mattias Cederblad, Emergency Center Commander, SÖRF

Take a 360° tour of the F32TLK

There are plenty of options and modifications that help tailor the F32TLK to suit rescue and firefighting scenarios. The F32TLK for SÖRF is mounted onto a Scania 6×2*4 P410 chassis and is equipped with various customer specific options such as ultrasonic collision guards in the rescue cage, a hydraulically driven generator at the turntable, cold protection for the rescue ladder and a dome zoom color video camera with integrated thermal imaging and a tablet with camera image for additional controls.

F32TLK (16t)F32TLK (18t)F32TLK (19t)
32 m32 m32 m
23,2 m25,1 m26,1 m
500 kg500 kg500 kg
7,8 m7,8 m7,8 m
3,3 m*3,4 m*3,4 m*
9 m*9 m*9 m*
16 t*18 t*19 t*
2 5002 5002 500
*depending on chassis

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