The new S35EM at Platformer’s Days

S35EM Schnitger PlatformersDays

“For some time now our customers have hoped for the trusted Bronto on a smaller scale, this is the very answer to this demand. We are bringing the same quality equipment to lower level access that we provide to the higher worksites.”, says Antti Suoniemi, Access Sales Director from Bronto Skylift.

The S35EM is all about the ease of use and the increased effortlessness it brings to the worksites. It has all the elements of a true work machine, yet it’s light and compact enough to be easy to manoeuvre and operate. Transportation length is only 9,5m. In addition to 35m working height, it has working outreach of 29m and maximum cage load of 500kg. For the working cage there are three options:

  • Basic cage: 2,04m wide, 500kg load
  • Wide cage: 2,40m wide, 450kg load
  • Extendable cage: max width of 3,4m and 350kg load

For easy access, the working cage is located in the rear on a landing stage with a pull-out step. To make loading and unloading even easier, the cage can be lowered all the way to the ground level. The working cage control panel incorporating all control levers and safety system indications is attached to the cage railing and is fully movable to provide the best cage space as required by the particular operational task, which considerably increases the versatility of the unit in actual operation.

As a self-drive unit that is quick and easy to deploy on site, the S35EM is ideal for rental utilisation and inner city work. It is very cost effective and compact, yet gives all the benefits that a true aerial work platform; the reach and range to the job and the big cage with proper load and optional gear. Optional gear include e.g. hydraulics and electricity in the cage, hydraulic material winch and ultrasonic collision guard.“There an increasing use of platforms for window cleaning and maintenance work in the cities, where the size and time matters, so we wanted to create an inexpensive solution for city rental opportunities. The S35EM provides easy and quick operation for end users and is our answer for the growing need for a self-drive units.”, says Ian James, Key Account Manager, Bronto Skylift.

The control system is of course the latest Bronto 5+, which has touch screens, easy navigation and modifiable main menu, as well as integrated quick manuals and situation related help texts. All in all it provides better and faster usability, as well as added safety for the operator. For added safety, there is also a crushing hazard protection in the cage control centre, which automatically stops the movement if the operator is facing a crushing hazard while operating.

At Platformers’ Days Bronto Skylift will be in the outdoor area TP1-2. Welcome!

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