Summit Tower Hire expands their fleet with two Bronto aerial platforms

Summit Tower Hire, an Australian MEWP hire specialist, recently visited our factories in Finland to inspect and test drive their latest acquisitions, two Bronto S70XR aerial platforms. They made the trip together with our Australian partner, Bronto Skylift Aust/NZ, who played a key role in making this deal happen. Summit Tower Hire has experienced rapid growth in the Australian market during the past year and these new units are an essential addition to their ongoing business expansion.

“The new units will be immediately deployed to operate in key industries such as telecommunications, transmission lines and wind farms.”

Lockie McDonald, General Manager, Summit Tower Hire
From left to right Jussi Alenius of Bronto Skylift Damien Wing of BSAUNZ Kelvin Staff and Lockie McDonalnd of Summit Tower Hire Trevor Wing and Peter Wellspring of BSAUNZ Roberto Quintero of Bronto Skylift

Emphasis on services and reliability

McDonald highlights that the reliability of Bronto units as well as Bronto’s after market services are the main driving forces behind their continuous fleet expansion of Bronto aerials.

“With the 24/7 support we can get whatever help we need, anytime of the day, in any region, which makes our lives that much easier.”

Lockie McDonald, General Manager, Summit Tower Hire

Bronto Skylift has a large global service network with multiple service partners in Australia, that allows customers like Summit Tower Hire to keep their fleet running and operations rolling.

Operators’ favourite

With Summit Tower Hire’s growing fleet of Bronto aerial platforms, their operators have also become very familiar with different Bronto units. Being able to enjoy the use of your equipment and trusting it’s performance is key for any platform operator.

“Our operators have been using Bronto aerials for years now and really enjoy the easy usability of the control system across all units”

Lockie McDonald, General Manager, Summit Tower Hire

With the delivery of the new aerials, Summit is already eyeing their next fleet expansion. McDonald teases that they are looking into getting into the market of larger +90 metre Bronto HLA units within the next few years.

Lockie McDonald taking the new Bronto S70XR aerial platform for a test drive

Bronto S70XR aerial platform

The Bronto S70XR aerial platforms suit the large operational portfolio of Summit Tower Hire as they offer versatility and increased productivity regardless of the task at hand. Both aerial platforms were a part of the 2023 Bronto Stock Program, which allowed quicker delivery of the units. The units are equipped with various additional options to maximise their efficiency such as an extendable working cage with 220° rotation and ultrasonic collision guards as well as radio remote controls for boom movements.

Key benefits

  • Larger work envelope for maximum productivity.
  • Optimized transportation dimensions and weight.
  • Extremely reliable outreach regardless of the external circumstances.
  • Variable jacking and automatic levelling.
  • User friendly Bronto 5+ control system.
  • Modern service tools and a wide service network to guarantee the best possible uptime.

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