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Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd is a manufacturer of firefighting trucks, waste management machinery, and specialised solutions operating in Anglisides, Cyprus. The family business was founded by Spyros Houtris in 1980, initially specialising in the manufacture of tipper trucks and water tanks. Today they serve a wide range of industries through the sale, lease, and rental of niche equipment.

We spoke to Yiannis Houtris, current Managing Director of the firm, about the company’s diverse operations – and their work with Bronto Skylift.

Bronto F60RLX

A niche solutions hub for Cyprus

Throughout its history, Houtris has been quick to push for technological improvements and reach to meet new standards. For example, upon Cyprus’ admission to the EU in 2004, Houtris was the first company in the country to obtain a CE marking.

According to Houtris, this is because operating in Cyprus requires constant innovation in new markets.

“We’re always trying to improve the business and the services we provide for specialised equipment. In Cyprus, to survive we have to produce many products – but that gives us an advantage in that we’re always trying to find the best solutions.”

In 2010, Houtris began offering products for the fire and defence market, quickly getting a foothold and climbing to an 80% market share in the country. And in addition to serving domestic markets, the company has a robust business in Europe and the Middle East.

“Using the geographical advantage of our location in Cyprus, we emphasise the Middle East – and have supplied some trucks for the Kuwait fire brigade. We also have our relationship with Greece – we speak the same language, we have very good relations, so we provide certain parts and accessories to them.”

Making a direct connection with Bronto Skylift

Houtris pushed into the aerial market in 2015, when they won a tender for an aerial platform – as well as four fire trucks – for the Cyprus Fire Brigade. This came quick on the heels of their initial involvement with Bronto Skylift, which began in 2014.

“So far, we have supplied three units – the first two at 32 metres, and a 60 metre in Limassol. Today we have 100% market share for aerial platforms in Cyprus. There is no other winning producer – it’s just Bronto.”

As the exclusive Bronto dealer in Cyprus, the company has visited Tampere to be trained in preventive maintenance and repair – and Bronto engineers have also travelled to Cyprus. Between training, the lines of communication are always open.

“I’ve worked for 15 years with different companies in Europe, and the collaboration with Bronto has been one of the best examples – it’s like we have a partner right next to my factory. If there’s an error we can’t solve, there’s a technician here the next day to solve it. And whatever we need from their after-sales department, in two or three days we have everything here. The downtime is always very short.”

Investing in people

For aerial platforms, Houtris thinks future growth is likely. The Cyprus Fire Brigade regularly issues new tenders – either to enhance their fleet or replace an old unit. And the need for higher reach is growing.

“In the last five years there has been a lot of development in Cyprus with high rise buildings. And that’s something the fire brigade wants to continue – and maybe even go higher for firefighting and rescue. Currently, they have the only 60-metre aerial platform in Cyprus.”

But aside from succeeding in their markets, Houtris also allocates a portion of its resources each year to charitable causes – such as providing equipment for local parks or collaborating with the Ronald McDonald foundation, which offers resources to families in need.

“We want to give back to the community – and not just by giving a discount to a fire brigade. Each year we choose a certain amount to contribute towards, for example, events for children with special needs, or to families directly. We’ve also produced some playground equipment that allows children with wheelchairs and those without to play together, so they have the same access.”

Houtris’ history of fast action and innovation shows no signs of slowing down, and the company plans to remain a manufacturing and aerial platform power player in Cyprus. Looking forward, Houtris is eyeing the launch of a major new waste management product in the next two years – one that will require a significant increase in their personnel, who are the heart of Houtris.

“At Houtris, our philosophy is to invest in our people, in our employees, and in our partners – so when we look back, we have a whole team to push us even further.”

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