Big aerial work platform with one week’s delivery time

The delivery times of the aerial work platforms may in many cases be too slow for the dynamic access industry. As the time frames and peak seasons for certain high-rise works are tight and inflexible, Bronto Skylift launched a stock program back in 2018 to be able to provide even the large equipment on a short notice.

Shortly after the program’s launch, it was clear that a demand for this kind of approach existed and the stock program was continued to 2019 and now to 2020. Currently the stock program has models from all of the Bronto Skylift’s industrial access product families and typically many of the units are already sold in the first quarter.

“It’s our way to reduce some of our customer’s capital risk in the industry that can be very volatile and uncertain at times. Our customers have welcomed this initiative warmly,” says Antti Suoniemi, Access Sales Director at Bronto Skylift.

Bronto S90HLA work platform at HarlandWolff

Building an offshore windfarm on a tight schedule

A great example of the stock program’s benefits was seen last year when a UK based Clerkin Elevation needed a 90-meter work platform on a very short notice. Reason was a big project at Harland & Wolff, a company located in Belfast, Northern Ireland and specialized in heavy marine design and building. H&W had many big platforms from several access companies on a long-term rental period preparing offshore windfarm jacks, which were to be planted in the North Sea on a tight schedule.

“We have seen more and more of this kind of short notice work sites popping up and it’s great that we can now offer a solution for them.”

Ian James, Key Account Manager, Bronto Skylift.

Clerkin elevation, offering access solutions in Ireland and UK, placed the order for a 90-meter Bronto in the end of January. Some small modifications were done and an S90HLA was prepared for an immediate shipment from Finland. It was delivered straight to the work site and was working full time within a week from the order.

“Bronto Skylift and especially Ian James was a massive help to myself and other access companies involved.”

Joe Clerkin, Clerkin Elevation Ltd.

Bronto S90HLA workplatform at Harland Wolff

Clerkin and his crew were so convinced about the performance of the S90HLA that they bought another one shortly after.

“The S90HLA quickly became the favourite aerial work platforms on site among operators and customers alike due to the smooth operation, added reach at heights and reliability. This along with the short delivery times were the main reasons leading us to purchase a second one,” says Clerkin.

Both units were mounted on a 10×4 Volvo and were equipped with an extendable working cage with a 400kg material winch and power outlets, a camera pod, remote control for the booms and various beacons and working lights.

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