Upgrade and Refurbishing a Bronto Aerial Platform

It is not uncommon that Bronto aerial platforms have multiple owners during their long lifespan. When maintained correctly, Bronto’s can serve reliably for decades. With upgrades and modifications even an old Bronto can be transformed to better serve in modern times.


Bronto platforms are designed and manufactured to serve you for decades. If your needs or requirements change, we can bring your Bronto to the next level with upgrades. Among many upgrade possibilities, the most popular upgrades include an ultrasonic collision guard, work lights and cameras. You can also upgrade to a user-friendly Bronto 5+ control system.


We can also modernise your old aerial to perform like a modern device. After analysing the present state of the unit and the required performance changes, we will identify the most appropriate solutions for the modernisation.

The aim of the modernisation can be extending the lifecycle of your Bronto unit or improving its performance. Operational safety and efficiency can be brought to current standards. What’s more, you can add new features for broader operational capability.


During refurbishment, the entire aerial device is dismantled into parts, checked and rebuilt. Any component that shows significant wear will be replaced, so the end result is nearly as good as new. At the same time, you can add any desired upgrades. Refurbishment is often done at the midpoint of the equipment’s lifetime.

If the chassis is at the end of its lifetime, or damaged, we can mount your Bronto onto a new chassis. This is undertaken on a case-by-case basis after a consultation to determine if it will be cost effective.

Resale and repurchase

Your old Bronto can live a second life with a new owner. When selling your Bronto, it’s important that the Bronto technical support team gets the contact information for the new owner in case of product recalls. Bronto can provide a transfer agreement document for your convenience.

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