Technical Training for Bronto Aerial Platforms

Equip your service personnel with a thorough understanding of the control system and the skills to troubleshoot a Bronto aerial platform with detailed technical training.

We offer in-person, remote, or hybrid training tailored to the needs of your team.

Technical training and troubleshooting

A 2-day control system training program for 2-4 service personnel at Bronto Academy

The technical training program will equip your service personnel with the understanding and skills they need to conduct skilled troubleshooting on your Bronto aerial platform(s). By the end of the training, your service personnel will be able to service the unit safely and know applicable service rules. They will have a clear understanding of the platform’s operational safety principles, including the outreach system, outriggers, and boom control limitations.

Tailored training

Tailored training provides the right mix of training for you, designed around knowledge and skill gaps in your service personnel and your specific challenges. This training can be arranged either at your place of business or at Bronto Academy.

Control system training

A weeklong course for up to 12 service personnel Control system training takes an in-depth look at the Bronto+, GCS, and HDT control systems. The range of material covered can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your team.

Inspection training

Inspection training will equip your service personnel with the skills they need to undertake thorough technical and functional inspections of your Bronto aerial platform. The course will cover the key principles in operational and structural safety of aerial platforms. After the course, service personnel will be able to ensure each aerial platform is performing safely and as intended.

Technical training for service personnel

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