One for all. All for you.

Do you struggle with multiple systems and getting an overall grasp of fractioned data? You can now get a full visual overview of your resources, performance and abilities with Bronto One. Bronto One is a single point of entry to Bronto Skylift services anywhere in the world.

With Bronto One, you’ll gain better insights and make the right decisions at the right time!​

Monitor and optimise

Bronto One has all the essential features of fleet management software. You can use it for monitoring and optimising usage and performance with real-time data, as well as for planning maintenance. It has never been easier to draw insights from your equipment. All important manuals, service bulletins and other technical documentation for your Bronto aerials can be found within Bronto One. ​

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One for all, all for you

All Bronto aerials equipped with a modem are naturally fully connected to Bronto One. However, the fleets often include other types of equipment too and having only one manufacturer’s units in your fleet management system is like trying to complete a puzzle without all the pieces. Bronto One welcomes all manufacturers’ units and equipment, so it truly provides a full picture of your fleet. As Bronto One has an open interface, it can also be integrated with other systems like your ERP for example. ​

Learn and get support

You can manage all personnel training logs, certifications and training materials within Bronto One portal. Online training events and other self-learning materials are also available to make working at height safer all around the world. In case you face an issue with your Bronto aerial, you have access to solution centre with hundreds of solutions and guidance for various situations. In case there is no solution for your problem, you can leave a service request for our professionals directly from Bronto One.​


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