Saudi Establishment for Safety Equipment

SESE helps Bronto Skylift bloom in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Establishment for Safety Equipment (SESE) was established in 1975. Since then, it has grown steadily alongside the specialised vehicle and equipment needs of Saudi Arabia’s civil and industrial sectors. Getting its start as a supplier of firefighting and rescue vehicles for airports, the company has since expanded into a range of special-purpose vehicles and equipment.

Today SESE is responsible for numerous vehicles throughout the country, with 35 professionals at their service – and has worked as the sole Bronto distributor in Saudi Arabia for decades.

An all-round specialised equipment business

SESE offers a broad product range, from firefighting and rescue vehicles, specialised vehicles, and safety equipment like rescue tools & high flow firefighting pumps. In recent decades, SESE has focused increasingly on special-purpose access vehicles, especially those designed with high water flow, high reach, and insulation in mind.

SESE is now concentrating more on the specialty side of the business – mainly fire trucks with large pumps, big monitors and aerial ladder devices, and high-reach aerial platforms with articulation.

Enter Bronto Skylift. The two firms joined forces in the mid-1990s as SESE was looking to expand into hydraulic aerial devices. Favourable circumstances brought the two companies together: SESE was, and remains, the only E-ONE dealer in Saudi Arabia. Both E-ONE and Bronto Skylift were owned by Federal Signal at the time, so the two companies naturally began to co-operate on aerial platform solutions.

In the time since, aerial platforms have become a well-known solution in SESE’s market – for fire and rescue, power transmission, industrial access needs and more. SESE often works with the Saudi Electricity Company, who needs to perform bare-hand maintenance on transmission lines – a good match for Bronto Skylift’s insulated platforms.

SESE meets requirements with earned expertise and stellar service

Over the decades, SESE has mastered the distribution and after-sales service process for their wide range of equipment. And given the high temperature in Saudi Arabia, even Bronto aerial platforms require some slight modifications before they reach the worksite.

Usually, the primary modification needed for Saudi Arabia is an extra engine cooler that needs to be installed to withstand the high ambient temperatures. This concerns the hydraulic oil and engine cooling. All piping must also be stainless steel to combat humidity and corrosion.

To serve the supplied vehicles, including Brontos, SESE has steadily expanded its national service network. Their main support and maintenance service centre is headquartered in the Eastern province, near their industrial clients in the region, and they operate a second in the Western region. Nine years ago, SESE also opened a 1000-square-metre testing facility to store spare parts, conduct preventive maintenance and carry out UL pump tests & aerial devices tests per NFPA standards.

Finding friends in Bronto Skylift

The power transmission industry is growing globally, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. SESE also anticipates the use of aerial platforms to expand in high-rise buildings – and one day soon, in the wind industry.

Currently, Saudi Arabia plans to add power generation from renewable energy – and generate more of its electricity from renewables by 2030 – so the future of the collaboration looks bright. And when it comes to SESE’s current Bronto access projects, like transmission lines and industrial work, safety stands out.

As per SESE experience, a Bronto has so many safety features that the clients appreciate. Not only you get the high reach and high waterflow, but these units are robust, reliable, and they are safe. Safety comes first and Bronto-delivered devices in Saudi have never had any accident because of all the built-in safety features that don’t allow mistakes.

A singular focus on achieving safety at heights, and a shared commitment to making the most of the long lifecycles of their equipment, are important ingredients in the glue that holds the two companies together.

Over the years Bronto Skylift has been very reliable, and they support their aerial platforms, even those that are more than 15 to 20 years old. SESE added that working with Bronto is more  like dealing with friends rather than dealing with a supplier.


Saudi Establishment for Safety Equipment (SESE)
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Saudi Establishment for Safety Equipment.

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