The Bronto S-HLA aerial platforms ensure efficient and safe operations with extremely challenging high-rise installations like antennas, generators, windmills, etc. The HLA range provides secure stability and easy manoeuvrability in different conditions and environments up to 112 metres. It’s not just about how high you can go, but also how safely you do it. With the HLA range platforms, you can get where you need to be, and return home safely.

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. Our lifecycle services ensure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible shape for years and decades to come.

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Key benefits

  • Short overhang & excellent approach angles for best manoeuvrability.
  • Efficient height-to-weight (GVW) ratio.
  • Unmatched cage stability even at great heights.
  • Extremely reliable outreach regardless of the external circumstances.
  • Fast and simple set-up, get in the air within minutes.
  • User friendly Bronto+ control system.
  • Modern service tools and a wide
    service network to guarantee the best possible uptime.

Various options, e.g.:

  • Cage winch, max load 400 kg
  • Extendable cage, width up to 3,7 m
  • Wireless remote control for boom movements
  • Emergency back up system
  • Bronto Loadman to measure ground bearing
  • Ultrasonic collision guard


90 m104 m112 m
32 m33 m33 m
700 kg700 kg700 kg
4 m*4 m*4 m*
15.5 m*16.3 m*19 m*
47 t*62 t*74 t*
*depending on chassis

Technical data and illustrations subject to change without notice.

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