With a rescue height from 32 to 70 metres, the F-RPX aerial platforms are ideal for a variety of firefighting and rescue operations. The platforms are agile, compact-design units that are easy to manoeuvre and can reach a large action area from one setup location. Some of the units are available with a bit heavier configuration, enabling extended horizontal reach (ER). All these features combined make the F-RPX aerial platforms some of the most trusted tools for municipal firefighting and rescue.

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. Our lifecycle services ensure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible shape for years and decades to come.

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Key benefits

  • Spacious rescue cage with high safe working load
  • Good up-and-over capability and below-ground reach
  • Big outreach and a larger action area with one set-up
  • Compact design and a good height-to-weight ratio
  • Economical and manoeuverable, greater access to load-restricted roads and bridges
  • User friendly Bronto 5+control system

Various options, e.g.:

  • Breathing air, electricity and hydraulics in the cage
  • Remote control for boom movements and water monitor
  • Emergency back-up system
  • Detachable winches
  • Stretcher carrier
  • High voltage detector
  • Ultrasonic collision guard
  • Various working lights and camera options
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Bronto Loadman to measure ground bearing
  • Modern service tools and a wide service network

32 m34 m37 m42 m42 m44 m44 m52 m53 m55 m70 m
24.3 m24.3 m25 m23.5 m29,3 m23.1 m29.2 m30,9 m29.8 m30.4 m32.8 m
500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg500 kg
9 m10.5 m10.5 m9 m9 m10.5 m10.5 m10.5 m9 m10.5 m10.5 m
3.4 m*3.4 m*3.6 m*3.6 m*3.7 m*3.6 m*3.7 m*3.8 m*3.9 m*3.9 m*4 m*
9 m*9 m*9.95 m*9.95 m*10 m*9.95 m*10 m*11.9 m*10.8 m*10.8 m*12.5 m*
18 t*19 t*21 t*21 t*26 t*22 t*26 t*26 t*32 t*32 t*36 t*
3 8003 8003 8003 8003 8003 8003 8003 8003 8003 8003 800
*=depending on chassis

Technical data and illustrations subject to change without notice.

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