Product of the year title goes to baby-Bronto

IAPA win

The Bronto Skylift S35EM has won the IAPA Product of the year title in the truck mounted category. The IAPA Award seremony was held in Dubai on Wednesday 6th of March. 

The S35EM is the trusted Bronto in a smaller scale. We wanted to bring the same quality and safety standard to lower lever access that we have been supplying to higher work sites. The S35EM is quick, small and easy unit for heavy duty work. There is one boom with telescopic extension providing direct movement and the cage boom with rotating movement of approx. 180 degrees, cage is in the rear. This configuration results in compact traveling size yet in extreme versatility in operation, which again leads to efficiency and profitability. It also creates the foundation for ease of use, which makes this unit an effortless rental as a self-drive. The boom structure and movements are extremely stable, which is distinctive in this size class and much thanked by the customers.

The cage can be lowered to the ground level, which is very unique in the market for similar machines – we didn’t want to compromise the ergonomics. In the transport position the cage is also easy to ascend via a landing stage with pull-down steps. Together these features enable easy, safe and ergonomic loading and entry in all work sites. Also unique feature is, that there is 3 different cage solutions to choose from, all with high cage loads of course. This (together with other optionals) enable high customization to fit exactly to the work site it’s needed in. As this kind of units are often used in confined spaces, there is also new type of crushing hazard protection in the cage control centre. It automatically stops the movement if it senses pressure while operating.

The stability, productivity, safety and everyday ergonomics are the key factors of the S35EM. All this combined makes it one of a kind work machine that fits to multiple different work sites and environments. See the details of S35EM.

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