National Firefighter’s Day ceremony included the handover of a Bronto fire fighting platform

National Firefighter Day in Curitiba Brazil

National Firefighter’s Day was celebrated at the Fire Department Headquarters in Curitiba, the capital of Paraná State in Brazil on Tuesday 2nd July. In addition to medals granted to meritorious members of the Fire Department, there were also numerous vehicles delivered to the institution to support the firefighters in their valuable work. One of these was a Bronto Skylift F54HDT, which is the first of the total three.

The features of the F54HDT aerial platform include 54 meter height, 21 meter maximum outreach, 400kg cage load, a rescue ladder and a 4 000 liter water tank.  According to Paraná Fire Department the reason for the investment is to provide better working conditions and capabilities to the firemen. All three platforms are mounted onto Scania chassis and are fitted with optional equipment chosen by the customer. The additional equipment include for example a winch, an emergency back-up system, Bronto Loadman and a radio remote control for boom movements.

Bronto Skylift F54HDT for Parana Fire Brigade
Bronto Skylift F54HDTaerial platform for Parana Fire Brigade

“Our expectation is the best possible because this equipment raises the level of our service to the population of Parana. We are very happy with the unit and we only see positive points in this vehicle, the training was excellent both in the vehicle part and in the application of the instruction by the responsible technician.”

Curitiba Fire Brigade

Bronto Skylift made the bidding and delivery process in close co-operation with the local representative, Escape Solutions. There is long history of co-operation between the two companies.

We at Escape Solutions are very pleased with the work done so far, the delivery has been a success and we are all very happy after a long process of purchasing these units.”

Matheus de Oliveira, Escape solutions

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