JM Tower Hire extends its reach in Victoria, Australia

JM Tower Hire is a Melbourne-based rental company of aerial platforms – or travel towers and cherry pickers as they are widely known in Australia. JM Tower Hire offers services for access needs across industries – from telecommunications and construction works to window cleaning and signage installation.

Established in 2006 by owner Jim Mullins, their agile staff of nine serves clients throughout Victoria with aerial platforms ranging from 24 to 61 metres in reach.

Stability at greater heights

JM Tower Hire got its start with a used 32-metre aerial that had retired from serving the fire brigade. Soon after, they reached further – acquiring a used 47-metre aerial platform. However, changing Occupational Safety and Health requirements and customer demand created the need for brand new equipment. It was then that JM Tower Hire connected with Bronto Skylift.

The company purchased its first Bronto six years ago and hasn’t looked back. Today, their six-vehicle fleet includes four Bronto aerial platforms – extending JM Tower Hire’s reach capabilities to 61 metres.

“Our clients found out we were buying Bronto machines and stated how smooth and sturdy they are. We’ve been buying them ever since – they are great units and the clients love them. We have had a number of cases when our other towers don’t have quite enough reach or side reach and have had to change them out for the Brontos – they have always gotten the job done!”

Jim Mullins, Owner, JM Tower Hire

In addition to high reach, JM Tower Hire offers units with full tyre deflation systems and variable jacking.

Tyre deflation increases the ground/tyre contact patch, making it easier to access worksites with softer ground. Variable jacking enables an adjustable footprint, as the jacks can be extended individually.

Taken together, these added features allow access to a wider range of worksites. The units can be set up in more challenging and tighter spaces – such as on narrow city roads or at complex worksites. In combination with a spacious working cage, the material winches fixed to each aerial then make it easier to lift even more equipment to working height.

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“The Brontos are also popular for the working cage capacity – the weight limit is high, and the cage is extendable. Our clients love that the cage can fit our operator, two riggers and equipment.”

Jim Mullins, Owner, JM Tower Hire

Constant service backed up with strong operator expertise

Alongside its competitive reach advantage, the company has found success by offering a combination of operator expertise and cultivating long-term customer relationships.

Today, the company serves customers 24/7 and 365 days per year. Each operator is assigned to a specific aerial, ensuring that each is an expert in their unit.

“At JM Tower Hire we have great relationships with our clients. We have been serving them for a very long time and they know we have a wide range of trucks and towers. At the same time, our operators are very knowledgeable about the trucks, towers and our worksites as many have been with us for over 10 years.”

Jim Mullins, Owner, JM Tower Hire

Aerial platforms are a well-understood and popular working method in the Australian market, giving JM Tower Hire plenty of room to grow. In the coming years, Mullins plans to expand their fleet of Bronto aerial platforms to meet the growing demands for high-reach access in Victoria.

“We have an excellent team, and we all work together very well. There are a lot of new telecommunication greenfield builds underway in Australia and we will play a big role in that. It’s never a dull moment at JM Tower Hire!”

Jim Mullins, Owner, JM Tower Hire

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