Jalo & Jalo acquires Janneniska’s truck-mounts

Jalo Jalo acquires Janneniskas truck mounts

With the recent acquisition, Jalo & Jalo consolidates its status as one of the leading service provider for truck mounted aerial platforms in the Nordic countries. In addition, this makes Jalo & Jalo the owner of the biggest fleet of Bronto aerial platforms!

Jalo Jalo acquires Janneniskas truck mounts
Bronto Skyllift S104HLA is one of the biggest aerial platforms in the world

This agreement is valid from the 1st of March and allows both parties to focus on their specific areas of expertise. Janneniska will focus on the smaller van-mounts and Jalo & Jalo will continue with large truck-mounts from 30m up to 104m. Highest units of the acquisition were the two Bronto S104HLA’s.

The agreement is direct continuation to previous trade made in 2017, where Jalo & Jalo acquired 34 to 78m category aerial platforms from Janneniska Group.

In addition of growing their fleet, Jalo & Jalo is setting their foot in Sweden and became the major shareholder of the Stockholms Höjdliftar AB (SHL) in 2020.

Jalo Jalo acquires Janneniskas truck mounts
Two of Jalo Jalos Brontos are less traditional aerial platforms so called underbridge units

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