High quality OEM parts for aerial platform safety

Henri Kalteinen

Properly maintained, your Bronto platform can be operational for decades. But what happens when a part needs to be replaced? Henri Kalteinen (pictured above) and Michael Tischler, Spare Parts Managers for Bronto Skylift, let us take a peek behind the curtain – revealing a wide-reaching network of service partners, and aerials dating back to the 1970s.

Worldwide service network

Bronto Skylift keeps the majority of its parts supply in Finland, with smaller warehouses and consignment stocks distributed around the world, including Switzerland, Sweden, USA, England, and Australia. Although stock parts sent from Finland can make it nearly anywhere in Europe in one day – and to the United States in two – a distributed parts network helps keep shipping snappy around the world. Dozens of service representatives in a number of countries strengthen this network, ready to provide local service.

Today, Brontos are operating in more than 120 countries – and most spare parts can be supplied to any one of them within days.

High quality OEM parts for aerial platform safety
Bronto Skylifts global service network

Long-term customer service

The top priority is to keep customer units running while keeping downtime as short as possible. Large items, like booms or other major repair cases, are always sent from Finland. For parts held in consignment, they fall into two camps: basic maintenance, and critical components.

Basic maintenance includes a selection of common parts, varying slightly depending on which Brontos have been deployed in the region – items like filters, O-rings, and seal kits. On top of that, critical components like computers, sensors and displays are always kept on hand, because these are absolutely necessary for the unit to run safely.

Starting in 2010, Bronto Skylift began to guarantee spare parts availability for 20 years. But in many cases, parts and service are available for aerials much older than that.

Among the oldest units Bronto Skylift currently supplies spare parts for date back to the early 1970s, and the company still has a good set of spare parts for units from that era — and in Finland, there are several still in active service. One of the older units outside Finland still receiving regular maintenance is from 1989, operating in a chemical plant warehouse in Germany.

Bronto does all it can to provide spare parts and service to their units, whether that means chasing a part down based on a photograph sent by a customer or fabricating new parts to get an older model up and running again. With Bronto parts and service, you’ll always get the most out of your aerial’s service life.

The importance of OEM parts

As the original equipment manufacturer, Bronto is equipped to deliver genuine spare parts in high quality – parts that always work right and fit perfectly, every time. This is critical for machines that can raise their operator to as much as 100 metres or above.

Each spare part is visually inspected upon arrival at the Bronto facility before being carefully packed. The company also keeps a manager on staff whose sole responsibility is to keep an eye on suppliers, ensuring each one can continue to provide OEM parts of the highest quality.

Using OEM spare parts also comes in handy from a customer service perspective. If a customer calls for remote service help, diagnosing an issue in a unit riddled with aftermarket parts is more difficult.

Purchasing parts directly from Bronto Skylift, or a duly authorised service partner, means you can always be confident your aerial will perform exactly as it’s meant to — for safety above all.

Tips from Bronto Skylift’s Spare Part Managers

Here are few tips from our professionals to make sure you get service and spare parts as smoothly as possible and you aerial platform stays safe and efficient.

Tip 1: If you have the serial number or part number, it will be faster and easier to find the correct part.

Tip 2: When sending photos of the part you need to the spare parts team, take three to speed up the process: a wide view of the equipment, a medium view of the part visible in its surroundings and a close-up of the part.

Tip 3: Use OEM parts for your aerial platform to ensure:

  • high quality and a perfect fit.
  • easy identification in case of repair or replacement.
  • the performance and safety of your aerial platform.

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