Haugesund Fire Brigade takes delivery of 44-metre aerial platform

Haugesund Fire Brigade takes delivery of 44 metre aerial platform

The Haugesund Fire Brigade, a full-time fire brigade serving the municipality of Haugesund in Rogaland county, southern Norway, has taken delivery of a Bronto F44RLXER. The F44RLXER features a four-section main boom with an articulated cage boom, spacious rescue cage, a stable rescue ladder and various options to give more versatility to rescue and firefighting operations.

The RLXER has somewhat sturdier construction than the standard RLX-range aerial platform and thus provides more outreach and a larger working envelope. For example, the maximum outreach of a standard F44RLX is a little over 23 metres, while Haugesund’s new F44RLXER features a 29-metre outreach. The working height is 44 metres and the spacious rescue cage has a maximum capacity of 500 kg.

Haugesund’s new F44RLXER is mounted onto a Scania P500 B6x2*4NA chassis with a CP 14L cabin and has a bunch of customer-specific options. The optional equipment includes longer outriggers to provide more levelling capacity, a colour video camera with image transmission to Bronto+ control system displays, a remote control for booms, electricity in the cage, a hydraulic generator, an emergency back-up system, a Cobra C-360H cold cut system featuring a 270-litre water tank, a Ziegler FPN 10-3000 pump with a 4000 l/min capacity and a hefty assortment of warning and working lights. With the new unit in service, Haugesund can retire their old 32-metre Bronto F32HDT, delivered in 1997, from a long and faithful service life in the fire brigade.

Haugesund Fire Brigade takes delivery of 44 metre aerial platform

The handover was facilitated in mid-April 2021 by Bronto Skylift’s local distributor since the early ‘90s, Braco AS, and a thorough training on how to operate the F44RLXER was finalised at the beginning of May.

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