Fire and rescue

Fighting fire and rescuing people is all about conquering the challenges and exceeding the limits. As the buildings get taller, spaces get tighter and industrial plants bigger, we must stand up for the challenge. More reach, more water discharge capacity, more compact platforms – and safety above all. When saving people and property, Bronto Skylift provides the aerial platforms you can trust your life with.

Industrial fire

Industrial firefighting sets special demands for equipment. The presence of hazardous materials and the intensity of fires requires fast response and high water discharge capacity. With over 40 years of experience, we keep you equipped with safe and effective fire appliances. They are built to overcome challenging situations and to help you safeguard people and critical infrastructure.

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Municipal fire

When your job is to save lives and properties, you’ll need the right equipment for the job. We provide a broad range of customised solutions for the situations when time is of the essence, manoeuvrability is the key and the heights can be extreme. Our in-house manufacturing and the advanced modularity allow countless variations to fit your needs and regional regulations.

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municipal fire rescue

Taking care of your Bronto

Our extensive international service network offers top-notch maintenance and upgrade services. It will ensure your aerial platform will perform throughout its service life as reliably as the day it was bought.

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