Aerial Platforms for Municipal and Industrial Firefighting

Fighting fire and rescuing people is all about conquering the challenges and exceeding the limits. As the buildings get taller, spaces get tighter and industrial plants bigger, we must stand up for the challenge. More reach, more water discharge capacity, more compact platforms – and safety above all. When saving people and property, Bronto Skylift provides the aerial platforms you can trust your life with.

Lifecycle Services for your Aerial Platform

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. Our lifecycle services ensure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible shape for years and decades to come. Taking advantage of our service offering will help you maximise the value of your investment by ensuring best possible uptime and optimal performance, maintaining resale value, and – above all – keeping your operators and personnel safe.

Bronto lifecycle services

Success stories

When the technology, hardware and personnel complement each other working seamlessly, the result is a success story. Read how the satisfied Bronto Skylift customers use their platforms for success.

A detailed Bronto overhaul for Ronneby Firestation

In Ronneby, a picturesque municipality in Sweden, a well-timed 9-week maintenance overhaul extended the lifetime of their aerial platform significantly. The unit, an F32RLX, had reached the midpoint of its service life, and was due for a larger maintenance and an upgrade. To take care of your aerial platform, follow your platform’s periodical service schedule…

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Ronneby bronto F32RLX overhaul

A Bronto overhaul for Falköping fire station

A chassis may come to an end, but an old Bronto just keeps going. That was the case for one F32HDT unit in Falköping, a locality in Sweden, that received a major overhaul. Before being delivered to the new owner, Falköping fire station, the Bronto service team got to work renewing the reliable workhorse –…

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Falkoping bronto F32HDT overhaul

Aerial platforms offer a safe rescue method at heights

Central Finland Rescue Department is located in Jyväskylä, where 47 fire stations work together to serve an area spanning 20,000 km2. 350 permanent employees and 850 volunteers join forces to protect the region’s 300,000 residents. The Rescue Department has a long history with Bronto Skylift. They currently have four Brontos in service, with their first…

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Bronto F46RPXER Aerial platform in fire fightning mission

Keeping the aerial platforms safe in India

Like all fire fighting equipment, the aerial platforms need regular maintenance to remain safe and ready for the moment they are needed fighting fires and rescuing people. The lifespan of a Bronto platform can be quite long and extend even over 30 years if maintained properly. There are about a 100 Bronto units in India…

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Bronto aerial ladder platforms at annual maintenance in India

Fast action in a city of 15 million

The Mumbai Fire Brigade has been working to keep residents of India’s second largest city – and financial capital – safe since 1887. Today Mumbai has 35 regular fire stations, 17 mini (quick response) fire stations, and around 2800 full-time fire fighters. The team has deployed nine Bronto Skylift aerial ladder platforms and three hydraulic…

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mumbai fire brigade bronto skylift 01

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