Congratulating 40 year old Height for Hire

HFH 40th Bronto

Our longterm partner Height for Hire has just celebrated their company’s 40-year milestone. During this time Bronto Skylift has supplied 2,46 kilometers of Bronto  platforms to them. That’s a lot of height to hire!

We truly appreciate Height for Hire’s approach in their business. They go the extra mile to understand their customer needs and find a solution to every situation. This is what we at Bronto Skylift do too. The decades of our own product development have aimed to solve the difficult situations that our customers face in their field of business.

In the picture Height for Hire family is holding the missing piece of boom to get to 2,5 kilometers of Bronto. Our warm and sincere congratulations to this exceptional company. May they keep up the good work and evolve even further for the next 40 years and beyond!

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