History of quality

The Tampere region in Finland has a history of world-class engineering and machine workshops. On this tradition, Bronto Skylift was founded some fifty years ago. From the beginning, the Bronto products featured cutting-edge technology, and have broken world records as the highest aerial platforms more than once. Since those days, we have delivered over 7000 hydraulic platforms to fire brigades and industrial customers throughout all continents in more than 120 countries. 

Versatility and customisation

Today, Bronto Skylift is a global market leader in truck mounted, hydraulic platforms. We still design and manufacture the platforms in Finland, having factories in Tampere and Pori, as well as a service and administration centre in Pirkkala. We are a part of Morita Group and have subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. With some 50 models in our range and a host of different options available, we are able to offer a suitable solution for many different jobs.

Versatility customization

Service and reliability

Once you have invested in a Bronto platform, you are not left alone. We have an extensive, worldwide service network that makes sure your platforms never let you down. With a guaranteed supply of spare parts for 25 years and the possibility for modernising your old unit with retrofits, we have earned a reputation for reliability among our users.

customer first

Customer comes first

Reliability, safety, easy operation and simple setup are the key features for the aerial platform owners and operators. Hence, they are the cornerstones of our product development. For additional convenience, our products feature technical innovations such as the famously functional Bronto+ control system and state of the art remote service and support tools.

Proud of our work

As a partner, Bronto Skylift represents the traditional Finnish virtues as honesty, reliability and persistence. You can always trust our promises and count on our company to meet your expectations with quality and services. Our promise of quality is backed up by the ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO-certified welding processes. As a part of Morita Group we follow the corporate compliance policies.

Respect the environment

We are committed to continuously improve our processes and products to reduce our environmental impact. The high quality of our truck mounted platforms means reliable performance, longer service intervals and lower consumption of spare parts – all factors that reduce the environmental impact of the product use. We have had a certified environmental management system based on ISO 14001 since 1999.

respect environment

How can we help you?

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