The new F32TLK is built to race against time in narrow city streets and in complex firefighting scenes. It is faster, it reaches further than ever before, and yet it has a lighter construction to allow more capacity for your equipment. The F32TLK is available in various weight classes with optimised outreach.

With an outreach of over 25 metres, faster automatic jacking, a spacious rescue cage and various other beneficial features, the F32TLK allows you to serve your city in all circumstances. The compact design and short transportation length make the F32TLK a perfect fit for urban environments.

Faster and further, up and over obstacles

The new, improved F32TLK will get you to the rescue mission faster than ever. Automatic levelling and boom movements have been optimised to allow quick operation when seconds count and lives are at stake.

The overall construction of the new F32TLK is lighter to allow more capacity for your equipment. However, the outreach has not been compromised but further improved and is now 1.8m better than before – a little over 25 metres in the 18t weight class.

The F32TLK’s up-and-over capacity of 7.8 metres allows you to extinguish fires, rescue people, and support your team over roofs, avoiding possibly hazardous parapets and other obstacles. In addition, the below ground reach is a hefty 5.7 metres, allowing you to perform water rescues from rivers and bays.

There are plenty of options and modifications that help tailor the F32TLK to suit your rescue and firefighting scenarios. For example, the optional water spray curtain below the cage keeps operators safe from heat when operating over roofs, and a diver’s ladder assists in water rescue, while lighting and camera options keep you aware of the overall situation.

F32TLK outreach diagram 18t with ladderF32TLK outreach diagram (18t with ladder).
Technical data and illustrations subject to change. For reference only. Variations apply.

New F32TLK in a nutshell

The F32TLK is a compact and easily manoeuvrable aerial ladder platform unit for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. This aerial platform challenges the conventional fire ladder as a more versatile option and complies with the strictest European standards.

  • Length only 9 metres – enables access to congested roadways and narrow alleys
  • Lighter construction with even more outreach – over 25 metres on 18t
  • Up and over capacity of 7.8 metres, allows access over roofs and parapets
  • Automatic, synchronised levelling – 45% faster than before
  • Integrated non-corrosive waterway with 2 500 l/min water capacity
  • Superior down reach of 5.7 metres
  • Spacious rescue cage with 500 kg capacity and +/- 55 degree rotation
  • Integrated, ready to use rescue options, such as stretcher carriers and wheel chair attachments available *
  • Long outriggers: effective levelling capacity on uneven or hilly terrains
  • Complies with EN1777 and DIN14701-1 standards
  • User-friendly Bronto 5+ control system
  • Detachable winches for people and material available *
  • Emergency back-up system available *
  • Wireless remote control available *

*  optional equipment

Spacious rescue cage with everything you need

When reaching heights, you have all you need right with you, integrated. An integrated waterline, power outlets for tools, stretcher carriers, and wheel chair attachments without at-site modifications. And there is still room for you and your team member or a paramedic. The fold down rescue platform guarantees safe access to windows and balconies, while the smooth control system brings you safely close to the building.

Standard rescue cage features

  • Complete control station in the cage
  • Safe cage load max. 500 kg
  • Fold-down rescue platform with safety railing
  • Integrated wind speed gauge  with alarm system
  • Safety harness attachment points at the cage
  • Three doors and safe access to rescue ladders
  • Operator safety devices (“dead man´s switch”, emergency stop, bleed down system)


Optional equipment for rescue cage, e.g.

  • Water outlets and water monitor
  • Various LED lights (blinking lights, flood lights, etc.)
  • Stretcher carriers and other rescue applications
  • Remote controls with additional display and WLAN connection
  • Video and thermal imaging cameras with video transmission to turntable for situational awareness
  • Rescue cage protection/cooling with water spray curtain
  • Breathing air line
  • Hydraulic outlets and electricity
  • Generators
  • Ultrasonic collision guards

F32TLK aerial platform's rescue cageF32TLK rescue cage with a stretcher

A control system to keep you safe

Everything we do has the same fundamental goal – to keep you safe while working at heights. The same principle guides our controls system, Bronto+. It is easy to use, smooth, reliable, and packed with safety features that enable you to focus on your mission.


Key features of Bronto5+

  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Clear displays with touch screens and tailorable menus
  • Smooth and precise movements
  • Advanced and reliable outreach control at all times, based on the cage load and outrigger position
  • Continuous cage load monitoring and overload warnings / emergency stops
  • Fast automatic levelling and variable jacking
  • Integrated pump screen with full features
  • Easy control of lights and/or lighting groups
  • Chassis engine information available on screen
  • Integrated quick manuals and help texts


Optional features of Bronto5+, e.g.

  • Safety drive: if the operator in the cage collapses in a difficult to reach place, the ground operator can bring him/her back via the same route
  • Memory drive: you can save a route from A to B and the control system drives it automatically
  • Outrigger force measuring
  • Remote controls
  • Language versions available
F32TLK (16t)F32TLK (18t)F32TLK (19t)
32 m32 m32 m
23,2 m25,1 m26,1 m
500 kg500 kg500 kg
7,8 m7,8 m7,8 m
3,3 m*3,4 m*3,4 m*
9 m*9 m*9 m*
16 t*18 t*19 t*
2 5002 5002 500
*depending on chassis

We are there for you as a true partner

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. A Bronto can serve reliably for decades, and, like our aerials, we are a reliable partner. Your equipment is looked after by our professional customer service and global service network. We are part of your team during the entire lifetime of your Bronto, ensuring your equipment is kept in the best possible condition and that your staff is safe operating on it.

Lifetime support begins when your first Bronto is delivered, beginning with detailed handover training for your future operators and service personnel. Throughout the lifecycle of your Bronto, you will have access to our digital services, technical support teams, spare parts, upgrades, and maintenance.

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