Bronto Skylift launches North America’s tallest firefighting aerial

Bronto Skylift F230RPX The Beast

While the North American access industry has been using large truck-mounted aerial platforms for wind turbines and such for a long time, the fire & rescue aerials have been limited to the heights of about 30-40 metres. The North American fire services commonly use aerial ladders, that tend to have lower heights than the articulated aerial platforms with a solid steel boom as the main structure. Another limiting factor has perhaps been the size of larger, over 60-metre aerials, that can be bulky and difficult to navigate through ordinary city streets.

Breaking the boundaries of reach

The North American aerial offering is now radically changing, as Bronto Skylift introduces a 70-metre articulated aerial platform, the Bronto F230RPX, known in other markets as Bronto F70RPX, to break the boundaries of reach. The working height is 70 metres, which is equivalent to 20 floors. The previous maximum height, 40 metres, corresponds to about 11 floors. In other words, the F230RPX enables nine floors more vertical reach for fire departments all over North America. The first unit was developed, designed, built and delivered in collaboration with 1200 Degrees, an experienced Bronto Skylift partner in Canada. 1200 Degrees will be the local service provider making sure the unit remains safe and ready to serve during the years to come


Versatility for fire and rescue operations

The F230RPX has exceptional operational versatility, and a big part of the it is enabled by the spacious rescue platform with 450 kg safe load. The platform allows access with a wheelchair or a stretcher and still allows space for the operator and a paramedic. The platform can be equipped with breathing air outlets, as well as hydraulic and electric power outlets for different tools needed during an operation.

There is also an Integrated, corrosion resistant telescopic waterway with 3800 l/m capacity, which enables efficient firefighting without compromising the safety of fire crews – even more so as the platform and the water monitor can be fully remote controlled.

This 70-metre aerial platform is mounted on a commercial Mack chassis, which makes the configuration compact and easily maneuverable. As every fire department operates in different environment, the F230RPX and it’s equipment can be tailored to customer needs.

Work cage FNA G0463480 2

F230RPX in a nutshell

  • North America’s tallest articulated aerial platform with working height of 70 metres (~20 stories)
  • Spacious rescue cage with 450 kg safe working load
  • Articulation provides superior up-and-over capability and below-ground reach
  • Compact design on a commercial chassis, flexible to maneuver
  • Integrated, corrosion resistant telescopic waterway with 3800 l/min capacity
  • Fast and safe operations with user friendly Bronto+ control system
  • Customizable to customers needs

Optionals include eg.

  • Breathing air, electricity and hydraulics in the cage
  • Remote control for boom movements and water monitor
  • Emergency back-up system
  • Detachable winches
  • Stretcher carrier, wheelchair access
  • High voltage detector
  • Ultrasonic collision guard
  • Various working lights and camera options
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Bronto Loadman to measure ground bearing

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