Bronto Skylift at Suisse Public 2023

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Suisse Public, a three-day Swiss trade fair for the public sector takes place in Bern, Switzerland on June 6.-9th and we are eager to be a part of it this year. At the 2023 Suisse Public we will be showcasing our new-generation Bronto F32TLK aerial ladder platform, a Bronto F45XR aerial rescue platform as well as the worksite workhorse Bronto S70XR aerial work platform. All units on display represent ultimate versatility, reliability and ease of use, whether its for firefighting or access operations. Regardless of the job at heights, we’ve got your back.

In addition to our aerials we are excited and proud to display and demo Bronto One, a digital service offering you tools to manage your business by data and lift your operations to new heights. Our team is looking forward to meeting you at our stand 332!

Bronto F32TLK – city-ready aerial platform

The F32TLK is a compact and easily manoeuvrable aerial ladder platform for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. The compact design and short transportation length make the F32TLK a perfect fit for urban environments, and it is available in various weight classes with optimized outreach, with or without a rescue ladder. With faster automatic jacking, a spacious rescue cage with 500 kg capacity and various other beneficial features, the new generation F32TLK allows you to serve your city in all circumstances.

The up and over capacity of 7.8 metres allows you to extinguish fires, rescue people, and support your team over roofs, avoiding possibly hazardous parapets and other obstacles. In addition, the below ground reach is a hefty 5.7 metres, allowing you to perform water rescues from rivers and bays. The advanced control system Bronto+ provides smooth, precise movements and is packed with safety features allowing you to focus on your job at heights. The F32TLK complies with the strictest European standards.

There are plenty of options and modifications that help tailor the F32TLK to suit rescue and firefighting scenarios. E.g., breathing air, electricity and hydraulics in the cage, remote controls, stretcher carriers, wheel chair attachments and extensive camera options.

Bronto F45XR aerial rescue platform

Bronto Skylift F45XR provides versatility, effective outreach and everyday usability to all municipal and industrial fire fighting missions. It emphasizes performance and usability above all. The F45XR has a compact construction, an ergonomic turntable control station and can be equipped with various additional options to ensure efficient and safe performance in all firefighting and rescue situations.

With its 26.5-metre outreach, the 45-metre Bronto F45XR represents the best performance in our product offering. The rescue cage has a safe load up to 500 kg and can be rotated ± 60° for optimal positioning and accessibility and the redesigned fold-out steps provide easy access to the rescue ladder.


Bronto S70XR aerial work platform

The S70XR, with its 70m working height and below 12-meter transportation length, is a popular choice for many different worksites. The S70XR at Suisse Public is owned by Maltech AG, a Swiss rental company specialized in lifting equipment. The S70XR is typically built on 4 axles with under 32t GVW, but Maltech chose to increase their working envelope by adding a 5th axle and some extra weight. This enables 6,4 meters more outreach to the rear sector than the typical, lighter construction. The options include a new type of extendable cage with extra wide entrance and 600kg capacity. When the cage is extended, the front railing can be moved aside, which enables easier loading and unloading of men, tools and material. For added safety, the boom movements are only possible when the railings are in place. Other options include e.g. a 2×220 degree cage rotation and a detachable 200kg cage winch.

S70XR Maltech AG

Bronto Stock Program

When you receive a short-notice work order, you need to get to heights fast. Our Bronto Stock Program provides aerial platforms available from stock.

The aerials included in the Bronto Stock Program offering provide rock-solid stability and easy manoeuvrability in different conditions and environments at heights from 35 to 90 metres. They ensure efficient and safe operations with extremely challenging high-rise installations like antennas, generators, wind turbines, and more. They are manufactured in advance with the same high-quality standards as all other Brontos and at the same factory in Finland. Made for our customers in need, without rush.

Bronto One

Do you want to use your data to make knowledge-based business decisions?

Bronto One, a new service, gives you a full visual overview of your resources, performance and abilities. You can always access the information you need, right when you need it.

If you’re ready to kick off your digital journey and start getting quality insights for your business, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Download a brochure Read more about Bronto One

Bronto One Simulator

The brand new Bronto One Simulator offers an immersive, hands-on experience in maneuvering and controlling a Bronto aerial platform. It will give you the opportunity to put all your hard-earned skills to the test, or just try operating for the first time in a safe environment. In case VR glasses cause dizziness or nausea, the simulator can be connected to a TV or display.

In addition to the boom movements, Bronto One Simulator offers the possibility to drive the unit on the roads of a real-like virtual city and practice safety in traffic. Steering wheel and pedals makes the experience even more realistic. Bronto One Simulator and related Bronto Trainer software work as a stand-alone and does not require network connection.

Bronto HLA bridge

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